Astroneer shared codes.

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Astroneer shared codes.

Post by squall0833 »

Astroneer latest update 1.10.9 finally broke my table,

and I have ran out of ideas how to deal with this kind of game where almost everything shared the one code.

the script for the cheats "Massive Resources, Instant Canister, Oxygen" they all shared the same code. managed to separate them with compares, but many other stuff in game such as crafting, printing, gas condenser, resource extractor,etc, they all used the same code,
by enabling any of the 3 cheat options above can potentially break stuff in game.

I managed to separate most of them by comparing registers and offsets in the previous versions, it's getting harder and harder everytime a new game patch hits,

the latest 1.10.9 finally broke it, I have no more static offset values that can be used to compare to separate them. with my current method and my skills

can anyone here help me this? any other more efficient way to deal with this kind of game engine?

here's my latest table
Astro-Win64-Shipping squall0833 1.10.9.CT
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Re: Astroneer shared codes.

Post by SunBeam »

I'll look at the game and build something up. Game's coded with Unreal Engine.

EDIT: Using 4.18.0.

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