Mortal Kombat 11 xTreme Mod - Play as NPC and Unlock All Announcers

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Mortal Kombat 11 xTreme Mod - Play as NPC and Unlock All Announcers

Post by thethiny » Sat May 18, 2019 2:48 pm

Latest Compatible Version: 0.105-11

Before I start, special thanks to Lord Dragu for his tips on AoB Injection, Uncle Festor and Life&Death for their support and QA.

How to use:

First of all, make sure the game is anywhere after the press start screen. It will work before but it's better safe than sorry. Then you have two mods.

Play As X Announcer Mod

To play as JohnnyCage/Kronika/Raiden/ShaoKahn Announcers do the following:

At any point in the game, press Control + Letter to set announcer.
  • Ctrl + R = Raiden Announcer
  • Ctrl + J = Johnny Cage Announcer
  • Ctrl + S = Shao Kahn Announcer
  • Ctrl + K = Kronika Announcer
  • Ctrl + D = Default Announcer
Now go to options, select Klassic Announcer, then press back and save. Now you have the announcer.

Play As X NPC Mod

Just like Lord Dragu's mod, first of all you have to press Ctrl+2 to activate the mod, then choose the character you want to replace, but DO NOT SELECT VARIATION YET. Press the combination of the character you want, then choose your character. Repeat for Player 2 if you want, but DO NOT CHOOSE THE SAME CHARACTER. Example: If you chose Sektor over Baraka, Do not choose Baraka again, and Do NOT choose sektor again. Instead select Cyrax over Kabal for example.

After the fight is over and you want to go back to menu or to fighter select screen, reset the NPCs or else you will not be able to choose them again.

If you want both players to use the same NPC, (doesn't always work), then do the following:
Select Baraka (for example), activate sektor mod. Choose Baraka. deactivate sektor mod. Use player 2 and select baraka. activate sektor mod. Choose Baraka. Now go into fight and it will work.
  • Shift + S = Play as Sektor
  • Shift + C = Play as Cyrax
  • Shift + K = Play as Kronika
  • Shift + F = Play as Fire Liu Kang
  • Alt + 2 = Reset NPCs
The Reset NPCs is a shortcut to turn off all NPCs at once. If you accidentally chose an npc and you wanted to go back, then you can just press the same combination of keys again. Example:
Player 1 is Sektor.
Player 2 is Cyrax, but you wanted Kronika.
Press Shift + C to DEactivate Cyrax, then press back, and activate Kronika then choose again.

Video Tutorial (0.105-10-b)
(3.01 MiB) Downloaded 63 times

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