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Re: Hellgate London Trainer +10

Post by ZoanChrome » Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:32 am

treos wrote:
Thu Nov 14, 2019 9:47 pm
searching...searching... oh goodness...game, why are you a pain in the ass? ok, checked some (skill points, stat points, stats) on marksman class and nothing worked.

ok...marksman and guardian classes both don't work...

Skill points: 00 00 80 51 xx 00 00 00 > 00 00 80 51 02 00 00 00 when i had 2 unspent skill points... got a couple results each time after pausing the game...changed to 14 (for 20 points) > exited out, reloaded the character...no change.

as for buying the game... heh, and i did? i think not with those unresolved bugs. >.>

accuracy...no results

strength...no results

and that's after trying CE's basic scan function and a search via memory viewer.

i dunno... with this stupid anticheat BS it might just be easier to hex edit the save (or it would be if i knew what to look for while doing that.). well, thanks for trying at least.

edit: i'm just gonna play something else instead. this just doesn't seem worth all the trouble anymore.
well, you could just download the 2007 version, plus unofficial revival mod if you want, I played that one and until the start of new game+ there were no bugs

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