Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC [Steam, DX9] +29 Trainer

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Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC [Steam, DX9] +29 Trainer

Post by DrummerIX »

+29 cheats for game version: Steam v1.0.1 Last Updated: 17.07.2021

  • Activate Trainer
  • Enable Damage Modifier Options (God Mode, One Hit Kill, etc)
  • God Mode
  • Hero Damage Multiplier
  • Hero Cannot Die
  • One Hit Kill
  • Enemy Damage Multiplier
  • Infinite Battle EP
  • Infinite Battle CP
  • Max CP On Hit/Attack
  • Infinite Sepith (Creating Quartz)
  • Infinite Item Usage/Set Minimum Item Amount
  • Set Minimum Item Amount On Use/Toss (0 = Off)
  • Enable EXP Multiplier
  • EXP Multiplier
  • Infinite Out Of Battle EP
  • Add Bonus BP To Quest When Reporting Completion
  • Bonus BP To Add
  • Shop Override (Buy Any Item)
  • Override Item ID
  • Mira
  • Bracer Points
  • Earth Sepith
  • Water Sepith
  • Fire Sepith
  • Wind Sepith
  • Time Sepith
  • Space Sepith
  • Mirage Sepith
Included in Fearless Revolution app
Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC v1.0.1 PLUS 29 Trainer

Table Makers
Table Makers
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Re: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC [Steam, DX9] +29 Trainer

Post by DrummerIX »

I ported over the table I made for Trails in the Sky FC for Steam and DX9 over to the fearless app.

Override Item ID drop downs:

Code: Select all

1:Birch Staff - [STR+3/RNG+1] A light wooden staff polished to a fine finish. 
2:Pile Rod - [STR+7/RNG+1] A battle staff reinforced with metal rings at each end. 
3:Tin Staff - [STR+10/RNG+1] A thin metallic staff said to be used by monks in the East. 
4:Stun Rod - [STR+20/RNG+1] A full-blown fighting staff with a heavy metallic core. 
5:Hex Stave - [STR+40/RNG+1] A staff made of ultra-hard wood. Plain, but packs a wallop. 
6:Spike Rod - [STR+65/RNG+1] A staff with sharp ends. Great for making a point. 
7:Octavian Stave - [STR+80/RNG+1] An Eastern-style staff coated with a hardened resin. 
8:Battle Staff - [STR+90/RNG+1] A large staff that requires a lot of training to wield. 
9:Arc Rod - [STR+120/RNG+1] A staff crafted out of a mysterious, unidentified alloy. 
16:Laundry Pole - [STR+7/RNG+2] Laundry pole turned weapon. Ingenious or pathetic? 
17:Mystic Stave - [STR+130/RNG+1] An Eastern staff with designs depicting universal axioms. 
31:Twin Dirks - [STR+4] Dirks with sharp blades. Small and easy to conceal. 
32:Kunai - [STR+7] Unique multi-purpose weapons of Eastern legacy. 
33:Dual Razors - [STR+21] Small daggers with ultra-thin blades made for cutting. 
34:Katars - [STR+30] Short swords with a peculiar shape suitable for stabbing. 
35:Baselards - [STR+42] Distinctive, sturdy short swords with curved hand-guards. 
36:Gurkha Knives - [STR+66] Sword with fierce edges on their curved inner blades. 
37:Demi-Handers - [STR+80] Dirks used for covert ops. Subtle with a matte surface. 
38:Schneiders - [STR+90] Small, lightweight daggers with double-edged tips. 
39:Erbe Blades - [STR+120] Ancient black knives made of unknown materials. 
45:Skull Daggers - [STR+45/ATS-10] Roguish short swords with skulls carved into them. 
47:Paring Knives - [STR+10] Used by pro chefs...and sometimes in domestic disputes... 
48:Twin Plovers - [STR+130] Eastern-forged swords sheathed in checkered scabbards. 
61:Viper - [STR+12/RNG+2] A light, easy to handle leather whip. 
62:Blitz - [STR+22/RNG+2] A leather whip interwoven with a thin chain for more power. 
63:Scorpion - [STR+35/RNG+2] A battle whip with a steel claw attached to the fall. 
64:Sidewinder - [STR+90/RNG+2] A serpentine-like whip confected with sleek metal fittings. 
67:Nine Tails - [STR+120/RNG+2] A whip made of ancient beast hide with a mysterious shine. 
92:Needler - [STR+20/RNG+4] A popular orbal gun made by the Empire?fs Reinford Company. 
93:Bear Assault - [STR+35/RNG+4] A large caliber hunting gun made by the Verne Corporation. 
94:Stinger - [STR+80/RNG+4] An orbal gun made by the Reinford Co. Uses spicular rounds. 
95:Hawkeye - [STR+100/RNG+4] An orbal gun by the Verne Corporation for sport shooting. 
96:Silver Star - [STR+90/RNG+4] A luxury model by the Reinford Co. Has a high output. 
97:Magesta - [STR+120/RNG+4] An ancient orbal weapon that fires powerful energy bursts. 
103:Zero Shot (X) - [STR+95/SPD-2/RNG+3] An experimental gun from the central factory. Slow to fire. 
121:Rapier - [STR+30] A thin needle-like sword for piercing. 
122:Sabre - [STR+40] An ornate long-sword used for formal occasions. 
123:Flamberge - [STR+50] A long sword with an exquisite undulating wave-like blade. 
124:Estoc - [STR+90] A staunch sword which can easily pierce metallic armor. 
127:Hauteclere - [STR+120] An ethereal sword of platinum formerly used by knights. 
151:Broad Edge - [STR+35] A rugged broadsword with a wide blade. 
152:Claymore - [STR+45] A two-handed sword with a cross-shaped hilt. Big and sharp. 
153:Rhomphaia - [STR+60] A large weapon with a curved blade attached to a long hilt. 
154:Bastard Edge - [STR+70] A heavy two-handed sword used for duels in the dark ages. 
155:Cavalier Killer - [STR+80] An Eastern sword the height of a man, used against horses. 
156:Zweihaender - [STR+90] A giant two-handed sword used to take down mounted foes. 
157:Berserker - [STR+120] An ancient black sword forged from unknown materials. 
181:P-03 - [STR+50/RNG+3/Area (S)] A low recoil orbal cannon made by the Zeiss Central Factory. 
183:Craft Cannon - [STR+60/RNG+4/Area (S)] A revamped model of the P-03 with an enhanced drive orbment. 
184:G-Impact - [STR+75/RNG+4/Area (M)] A forgotten experimental high-output orbal cannon. 
185:P-05 - [STR+90/RNG+4/Area (S)] A new type of orbal cannon from the Zeiss Central Factory. 
187:Thor's Hammer - [STR+120/RNG+4/Area (M)] An ancient orbal weapon that fires powerful energy bursts. 
211:Brass Knuckles - [STR+65] A reinforced glove made of soft metal. 
212:Hide Gauntlet - [STR+70] A specially treated leather gauntlet. Flexible and tough. 
213:Cestus - [STR+100] A battle gauntlet with rivets implanted in the knuckles. 
214:Steel Gauntlet - [STR+85] An Eastern steel gauntlet. Reinforced with a hardened resin. 
217:Daedalus Arm - [STR+120] An arcane gauntlet which transforms according to need. 
241:Leather Vest - [DEF+5] A vest made of nice, soft leather. 
242:Armor Vest - [DEF+10/ADF+2] A vest with an iron plate in the chest for more protection. 
243:Leather Jacket - [DEF+25/ADF+2] A robust, tailored jacket made of thick leather. 
244:Shield Vest - [DEF+45/ADF+4] A protective vest embedded with numerous small iron plates. 
245:Metal Jacket - [DEF+75/ADF+4] A protective jacket made of woven metallic fibers. 
246:Shield Coat - [DEF+100/ADF+6] A protective coat made of a specially processed material. 
247:Hide Jumpsuit - [DEF+12/ADF+2] A jumpsuit made of inexpensive beast hide. 
248:Chain Mail - [DEF+30/ADF+4] Sheer protective clothing made of interwoven metal chains. 
249:Battle Suit - [DEF+50/ADF+6] Armor padded in various places to absorb shock. 
250:Black Coat - [DEF+80/ADF+8] A central factory product. Can repel edged weapons. 
251:Reflector - [DEF+105/ADF+10] A protective coat reinforced with a special anti-art layer. 
252:Work Jumpsuit - [DEF+50] A thick cloth worksuit that doesn't shrink in the wash. 
253:Royal Guard - [DEF+120/ADF+10/Men Only] Armor worn by knights of old. Lauded for its total defense. 
254:Valkyrie Dress - [DEF+120/ADF+10/Women Only] A female warrior's gown for battle alongside the knights. 
271:Leather Boots - [DEF+2] A pair of tanned leather boots. Light and flexible. 
272:Spikes - [DEF+5] A pair of shoes with pointy, non-skid soles. 
273:Work Boots - [DEF+8/MOV+1] Rugged boots for laborers with top-rated craftsmanship. 
274:Double Spikes - [DEF+12/MOV+1] A pair of shoes with spiky, non-skid soles. 
275:Craft Shoes - [DEF+20/MOV+2] A new type of training shoe developed for rigorous workouts. 
276:Composites - [DEF+30/MOV+2] Protective boots for professionals. Made of tough materials. 
277:Knitted Shoes - [DEF+7/MOV+1] Simple shoes knitted from natural materials. Light & tough. 
278:Strega-R - [DEF+10/MOV+1] The regular model of Strega-brand sneakers. 
279:Army Boots - [DEF+15/MOV+2] The formal wear of the Royal Army and popular with soldiers. 
280:Strega-G - [DEF+23/MOV+2] The high-end model of Strega-brand sneakers. 
281:Atlas Gear - [DEF+35/MOV+3/Men Only] Boots made of metallic-fibers which feel nearly weightless. 
282:Sylphen Boots - [DEF+35/MOV+3/Women Only] Mysterious boots that make your feet feel lighter than air. 
283:Holey Boots - [DEF+1/MOV+3] Often the catch of the day at fishing spots. Light and airy. 
284:(Alpha) Strega - [DEF+10/MOV+2] A pair of test shoes made for Estelle. 
285:(Beta) Strega - [DEF+25/MOV+2] The newest model of upcoming Strega-brand sneakers. 
286:Strega-J - [DEF+6/MOV+1] The junior model of Strega-brand sneakers. 
287:Steel-Toed Boots - [DEF+12] Heavy-duty boots great for heavy-duty labor. 
301:Silver Earring - [Prevents poison] A silver accessory blessed by the Goddess, Aidios. 
302:Lighter - [Prevents freeze] A good-luck charm carried by hikers to combat the cold. 
303:Mirage Ring - [Prevents petrify] A ring set with a mysterious rainbow-colored gem. 
304:Black Bangle - [Prevents sleep] A leather wristband that stimulates a pressure point. 
305:Glam Choker - [Prevents mute] A special necklace that diverts the effects of anti-sept. 
306:White Bracelet - [Prevents blind] A bangle that emits pure white light to prevent blindness. 
307:Pearl Earring - [Prevents seal] An earring with a precious pearl imported from the East. 
308:Lily Necklace - [Prevents confuse] A necklace that gives off a calming floral fragrance. 
309:Feather Brooch - [Prevents faint] A brooch featuring a vivid blue feather. 
310:Skull Pendant - [Prevents deathblows] A bone pendant with a skull carved into its surface. 
311:T-Anklet - [Prevents freeze/petrify] An anklet which repels hindrances to movement. 
312:Crest Charm - [Prevents sleep/faint] A crescent amulet that protects the wearer's consciousness. 
313:Grail Locket - [Prevents all abnormal status (except K.O.)] An ornament modeled after a holy Septian artifact. 
321:Topaz Talisman - A talisman crafted from a type of septium. The wearer's attack and defense will become earth-based. 
322:Sapphire Talisman - A talisman crafted from a type of septium. The wearer's attack and defense will become water-based. 
323:Ruby Talisman - A talisman crafted from a type of septium. The wearer's attack and defense will become fire-based. 
324:Emerald Talisman - A talisman crafted from a type of septium. The wearer's attack and defense will become wind-based. 
325:Proxy Puppet - [Prevents K.O.] Defends against K.O. one time but breaks afterwards. 
326:Gladiator Headband - [STR+5/DEF-5/CP Up+10%] A motivating headband. CP recovery rate rises in battle. 
327:Gladiator Belt - [STR+10/DEF-10/Auto-CP Up] A motivating belt. CP automatically recovers during battle. 
328:Work Helmet - [DEF+3] An essential piece of headgear for laborers. 
329:Red Scarf - [DEF+2] Gaudy neckwear to accent the collar. Painfully bright. 
330:Woolly Knit-Hat      - [DEF+3] A cute, fluffy yarn cap. A great gift for a young girl. 
333:Work Gloves - [DEF+3] Extra thick gloves. A standard gift for utility workers. 
334:Jeweled Ring - [DEF+2] An expensive ring fitted with an incandescent gem. 
335:Long Barrel - [RNG+2] Increases the firing range of orbal guns and cannons. 
401:Maple Cookie - [Heals 80HP] A readily-made aromatic cookie. It's great for snacks. 
402:Sweet Sponge Cake - [Heals 200HP/SPD+15%] A fluffy, fresh-baked cake that sweetly melts in the mouth. 
403:Vegetable Sandwich - [Heals 150HP] A sandwich packed with greens. For the health-conscious. 
404:Briny Delight - [Heals 450HP/DEF+10%] A steamed fish specialty in a rock salt-filled carapace. 
405:Milk Crepe - [Heals 200HP] A luxurious cake of layered crepes with cream in between. 
406:Refreshing Pie - [Heals 800HP] Pie chock-full of fruit and infused with zesty sweet herbs. 
407:Coffee Ice Cream - [Heals 400HP/Cures sleep] Ice cream with a bittersweet flavor more for adults. 
408:French Fries - [Heals 100HP/MOV+1] Fried in olive oil and lightly salted. Very popular. 
409:Tomato Sandwich - [Heals 100HP/Restores 40CP] A bitter assault on the tongue. Favored by adults. 
410:Azelia Rose - [Heals 500HP/Cures K.O.] A refreshing cocktail made from a pungent fruit juice. 
411:Flowery Soda - [Heals 250HP/Cures poison] A healthy soda flavored with the astringency of herbs. 
412:Rich Espresso    - [Heals 500HP/Cures sleep] A cup of coffee that will even wake a hibernating bear. 
413:Mouthful Soup - [Heals 300HP/Cures mute] A jaw-dropping, shockingly flavorful soup. 
414:Carmine Eye - [Heals 100HP/Cures blind] An herbal-flavored soup with ingredients good for the eyes. 
415:Plucked Herb Tea - [Heals 200HP/Cures confuse] Steaming herb-scented tea. A single sip is revitalizing. 
416:Red Tail Soup - [Heals 250HP/Cures seal] A spicy soup crammed full of energizing nutrients. 
417:Specialty Eggnog - [Heals 1000HP/Cures K.O.] An Eastern world hot cocktail. Warms the body to the core. 
418:Fresh Juice - [Heals 300HP/Cures petrify] Fruit juice with thoroughly squeezed fruit extracts. 
419:Black Pepper Soup - [Heals 550HP/Cures faint] A favorite among researchers. Piquantly peppery to taste. 
420:Mixed Cocktail - [Heals 1400HP/Cures all abnormal status] The ultimate cocktail; crammed with condensed food extracts. 
421:Drill Meatball - [Heals 120HP/STR+5%] A nourishing meatball. Uses curative horn powder for flavor. 
422:Rotini Pasta - [Heals 600HP/Cures confuse] Pasta which lavishly employs flavorful herbs. 
423:Fried Eyes & Eggs - [Heals 350HP/Cures blind] Terrifying at first 'glance'. Eye-Caramba! Ripe for puns. 
424:Chomping Spare Rib - [Heals 800HP/STR&DEF+15%] Flame-grilled meat. Its spicy flavor grips the senses. 
425:Potluck in a Shell - [Heals 50HP/Cures K.O.] A dish made over a campfire. Lovely in the night air. 
426:Beast Steak - [Heals 180HP/Restores 20CP] A dish easily made over a campfire. A real outdoors treat. 
427:Monster Sushi - [Heals 800HP/STR+10%] Eastern food eaten raw. Be sure to check the freshness date. 
428:Hot Fried Chicken - [Heals 700HP/Cures seal] Fried chicken seasoned with a spicy marinade. 
429:Rainbow Jellybeans - [Heals 350HP/Restores 25CP] A fancy sweet found in all colors. Surprisingly nutritious. 
430:Floral Jelly - [Heals 550HP/Cures poison] A refreshing herbal jelly. Best when chilled. 
431:Hellfire Eggs - [Heals 500HP/Cures confuse/sleep/faint] A picante egg dish with a restorative effect. 
432:Wine-Steamed Egg - [Heals 600HP/Cures freeze] A popular dish skillfully cooked with spirited ingredients. 
433:Holey Popcorn - [Heals 400HP/MOV+2] The epitome of crunchiness. A holey natural snack. 
434:Seasonal Tart - [Heals 400HP] The king of sweets. A perfect gift for that special someone. 
435:Deep-Fried Smelt - [Heals 200HP] A small, lightly battered, Eastern-style fried fish. 
436:Boiled Miso Carp - [Heals 300HP] An Eastern-style river fish boiled in sweet and spicy miso. 
437:Grilled Rainbow - [Heals 400HP] A salted, grilled fish. It?fs simple, but a true delicacy. 
438:Rockfish Skewer - [Heals 500HP] A river fish cooked over an open fire. Scrumptiously firm. 
439:Salmon Meuniere - [Heals 600HP] A fish dish rich in flavor, locked in with a buttery glaze. 
440:Bouillabaisse Plus - [Heals 600HP/Restores 30CP] A futuristic menu item boldly jellifying a famous dish. 
441:Fluffy Spring Egg - [Heals 450HP] A boiled egg cooked over low heat. Soft and rubbery. 
442:Orange Ice Cream - [Heals 300HP] A refreshing dessert that uses freshly squeezed juice. 
443:Apple Ice Cream - [Heals 300HP] Fruity ice cream with the tartness of fresh apples. 
444:Royal Crepe - [Heals 400HP/Cures poison/confuse] An elegant crepe brimming with sweet herb-infused cream. 
445:Gorgeous Crepe - [Heals 700HP] A hearty dessert nearly overflowing with cream. 
446:Special Ice Cream - [Heals 1000HP/Restores 25CP] An iced sweet with a mysterious glow. Special indeed! 
447:Fruity Milk - [Heals 600HP/SPD+30%] A fruit-flavored lactic treat. Perfect for after a bath. 
==Usable Items==============
501:Tear Balm - [Heals 200HP] A healing salve formulated by the Septian Church. 
502:Teara Balm - [Heals 1000HP] A healing salve formulated by the Septian Church. 
503:Tear All Balm - [Heals all HP] A healing salve formulated by the Septian Church. 
504:Purging Balm - [Cures poison/seal/blind] A salve from the Septian Church to treat abnormalities. 
505:Softening Balm - [Cures freeze/petrify] A salve from the Septian Church to repair movement. 
506:Insulating Tape - [Cures mute] Quick-fix tape to repair a neutralized orbment. 
507:Curia Balm - [Cures abnormal status] A salve which cures all status abnormalities except K.O. 
508:Reviving Balm - [Cures K.O./Heals 100HP] A salve which cures K.O. and heals 100HP. 
509:Celestial Balm - [Cures K.O./Heals all HP] A salve which cures K.O. and heals all HP. 
510:EP Charge - [Restores 100EP] An orbal energy-filled capsule. 
511:EP Charge EX - [Restores 300EP] An enhanced orbal energy-filled capsule. 
512:Smelling Salts - [Cures confuse/sleep/faint] A salve from the Septian Church to stimulate the senses. 
520:Bracer Notebook - A notebook given to all bracers for investigative purposes. Keeping detailed records is an important part of the job. 
525:Recipe Book - A book used to record the recipes of eaten food. Food can also be made from recipes if you have the right ingredients. 
527:Monster Guide - A notebook used to record information gathered from enemy encounters. 
530:Carnelia - Chapter 1 - [The Imperial Chronicle] Part 1 of a fictional novel published in Liberl. 
531:Carnelia - Chapter 2 - [The Train Station] Part 2 of a fictional novel published in Liberl. 
532:Carnelia - Chapter 3 - [Representative of the Septian Church] Part 3 of a fictional novel published in Liberl. 
533:Carnelia - Chapter 4 - [Human Fodder] Part 4 of a fictional novel published in Liberl. 
534:Carnelia - Chapter 5 - [Emissary of the Sabbath] Part 5 of a fictional novel published in Liberl. 
535:Carnelia - Chapter 6 - [Ascertaining the Inner Workings] Part 6 of a fictional novel published in Liberl. 
536:Carnelia - Chapter 7 - [The Death of a Friend] Part 7 of a fictional novel published in Liberl. 
537:Carnelia - Chapter 8 - [In the Bowels of the Imperial City] Part 8 of a fictional novel published in Liberl. 
538:Carnelia - Chapter 9 - [Carnelia] Part 9 of a fictional novel published in Liberl. 
539:Carnelia - Chapter 10 - [The Last Stand] Part 10 of a fictional novel published in Liberl. 
540:Carnelia - Finale - [A Legacy Never to be Forgotten] The finale to a fictional novel published in Liberl. 
600:HP 1 - [Elemental: #90IWater?@Elemental Value: #186I1] Max HP+5% 
601:HP 2 - [Elemental: #90IWater?@Elemental Value: #186I3] Max HP+10% 
602:HP 3 - [Elemental: #90IWater?@Elemental Value: #186I5] Max HP+15% 
603:EP 1 - [Elemental: #95IMirage?@Elemental Value: #189I1 #190I1 #191I2] Max EP+5% 
604:EP 2 - [Elemental: #95IMirage?@Elemental Value: #189I2 #190I2 #191I3] Max EP+10% 
605:EP 3 - [Elemental: #95IMirage?@Elemental Value: #189I3 #190I3 #191I5] Max EP+15% 
606:Attack 1 - [Elemental: #91IFire?@Elemental Value: #187I1] STR+5%/DEF-5% 
607:Attack 2 - [Elemental: #91IFire?@Elemental Value: #187I3] STR+10%/DEF-10% 
608:Attack 3 - [Elemental: #91IFire?@Elemental Value: #187I5] STR+15%/DEF-15% 
609:Defense 1 - [Elemental: #89IEarth?@Elemental Value: #185I1] DEF+5% 
610:Defense 2 - [Elemental: #89IEarth?@Elemental Value: #185I3] DEF+10% 
611:Defense 3 - [Elemental: #89IEarth?@Elemental Value: #185I5] DEF+15% 
612:Mind 1 - [Elemental: #90IWater?@Elemental Value: #186I1] ATS+5% 
613:Mind 2 - [Elemental: #90IWater?@Elemental Value: #186I3] ATS+10% 
614:Mind 3 - [Elemental: #90IWater?@Elemental Value: #186I5] ATS+15% 
615:Shield 1 - [Elemental: #92IWind?@Elemental Value: #188I1] ADF+5 
616:Shield 2 - [Elemental: #92IWind?@Elemental Value: #188I3] ADF+15 
617:Shield 3 - [Elemental: #92IWind?@Elemental Value: #188I5] ADF+30 
618:Hit 1 - [Elemental: #95IMirage?@Elemental Value: #191I1] DEX+5 
619:Hit 2 - [Elemental: #95IMirage?@Elemental Value: #191I3] DEX+10 
620:Hit 3 - [Elemental: #95IMirage?@Elemental Value: #191I5] DEX+15 
621:Evade 1 - [Elemental: #92IWind?@Elemental Value: #188I1] AGL+1 
622:Evade 2 - [Elemental: #92IWind?@Elemental Value: #188I3] AGL+2 
623:Evade 3 - [Elemental: #92IWind?@Elemental Value: #188I5] AGL+3 
624:Move 1 - [Elemental: #94ISpace?@Elemental Value: #190I1] MOV+1 
625:Move 2 - [Elemental: #94ISpace?@Elemental Value: #190I3] MOV+2 
626:Move 3 - [Elemental: #94ISpace?@Elemental Value: #190I5] MOV+3 
627:Action 1 - [Elemental: #93ITime?@Elemental Value: #189I1] SPD+10% 
628:Action 2 - [Elemental: #93ITime?@Elemental Value: #189I3] SPD+20% 
629:Action 3 - [Elemental: #93ITime?@Elemental Value: #189I5] SPD+30% 
630:Range 1 - [Elemental: #94ISpace?@Elemental Value: #190I3] Arts' effect range +1 
637:Poison - [Elemental: #89IEarth?@Elemental Value: #185I3] Poison enemy with 10% success. 
638:Freeze - [Elemental: #90IWater?@Elemental Value: #186I3] Freeze enemy with 10% success. 
639:Petrify - [Elemental: #89IEarth?@Elemental Value: #185I3] Petrify enemy with 10% success. 
640:Sleep - [Elemental: #92IWind?@Elemental Value: #188I3] Put enemy to sleep with 10% success. 
641:Mute - [Elemental: #89IEarth?@Elemental Value: #185I3] Mute enemy with 10% success. 
642:Blind - [Elemental: #93ITime?@Elemental Value: #189I3] Blind enemy with 10% success. 
643:Seal - [Elemental: #91IFire?@Elemental Value: #187I3] Seal enemy crafts with 10% success. 
644:Confuse - [Elemental: #91IFire?@Elemental Value: #187I3] Confuse enemy with 10% success. 
645:Strike - [Elemental: #91IFire?@Elemental Value: #187I3] Critically strike with 10% success. 
646:Deathblow 1 - [Elemental: #93ITime?@Elemental Value: #189I3] Kill enemy with 10% success. 
647:Deathblow 2 - [Elemental: #93ITime?@Elemental Value: None] 100% kills enemy but quartz breaks. 
657:Information - [Elemental: #95IMirage?@Elemental Value: #191I2] Be able to perceive enemy status. 
705:Impede 1 - [Elemental: #92IWind?@Elemental Value: #188I1] Prevent enemy arts with 20% success. 
706:Impede 2 - [Elemental: #92IWind?@Elemental Value: #188I3] Prevent enemy arts with 50% success. 
707:Impede 3 - [Elemental: #92IWind?@Elemental Value: #188I5] Prevent enemy arts with 80% success. 
710:Cast 1 - [Elemental: #93ITime?@Elemental Value: #189I1] Time to cast arts is cut. 
711:Cast 2 - [Elemental: #93ITime?@Elemental Value: #189I3] Time to cast arts is greatly cut. 
712:EP Cut 1 - [Elemental: #94ISpace?@Elemental Value: #189I1 #190I2 #191I1] Arts' EP cost -10%. 
713:EP Cut 2 - [Elemental: #94ISpace?@Elemental Value: #189I2 #190I3 #191I2] Arts' EP cost -25%. 
714:EP Cut 3 - [Elemental: #94ISpace?@Elemental Value: #189I3 #190I5 #191I3] Arts' EP cost -50%. 
720:Scent - [Elemental: #92IWind?@Elemental Value: #188I3 #190I2] Enemies become aware of presence. 
721:Eagle Eye - [Elemental: #94ISpace?@Elemental Value: #190I3 #191I2] Can see enemies from a distance. 
722:Haze - [Elemental: #95IMirage?@Elemental Value: #185I2 #191I3] Enemies become unaware of presence. 
723:Cloak - [Elemental: #95IMirage?@Elemental Value: #187I2 #191I3] No encounters. 
724:Heal - [Elemental: #90IWater?@Elemental Value: #186I3 #189I2] HP slowly recovers by walking. 
789:100%?̐n - ?100%?Ő퓬?s?\??Ԃɂ??(?f?o?b?O?p?j 
790:100%?K?E?̐n - ?100%?ŃN?e?B?J??Ԃɂ??(?f?o?b?O?p?j  
791:100%?ł̐n - ?100%?œŏ?Ԃɂ??(?f?o?b?O?p?j 
792:100%??̐n - ?100%?œ??Ԃɂ??(?f?o?b?O?p?j 
793:100%?Ή?̐n - ?100%?ŐΉ??Ԃɂ??(?f?o?b?O?p?j 
794:100%??̐n - ?100%?Ő??Ԃɂ??(?f?o?b?O?p?j 
795:100%??̐n - ?100%?ŕ??Ԃɂ??(?f?o?b?O?p?j 
796:100%?ł̐n - ?100%?ňÈŏ?Ԃɂ??(?f?o?b?O?p?j 
797:100%?Z?̐n - ?100%?ŕ?Z??Ԃɂ??(?f?o?b?O?p?j 
798:100%?ׂ̐n - ?100%?ō??Ԃɂ??(?f?o?b?O?p?j 
799:100%?C??̐n  - ?100%?ŋC???Ԃɂ??(?f?o?b?O?p?j  
==Important Items==============
800:Guild Referral - A referral from the guild addressed to the owner of the Perzel Farm. 
801:Mayor's Referral - A referral from Mayor Klaus addressed to the mine chief at the Malga Mine. 
802:Elevator Key - A key borrowed from one of the mine workers at the Malga Mine to activate the elevator. 
803:Septium Crystal - A septium crystal received from the mine chief. 
804:Guild Referral - A referral from the guild addressed to a Liberl News reporter. 
805:Quartz Fragment - A broken piece of quartz. It glows just like a nonfunctional piece of sepith. 
806:Maintenance Kit - A case of tools used to service lighthouses. Inside is a complete set of tools and replacement parts. 
807:Orbment Light - A large orbment light used to replace burned out ones in road lamps. 
809:Father Divine's Letter - A letter from Father Divine addressed to Father Holstein in Bose. 
810:Servais Leaf - A tree leaf found in the attic of the mayor's residence. 
813:The Mayor's Letter - A letter from Mayor Maybelle addressed to General Morgan at the Haken Gate. 
814:Abandoned Mine Key - A key for the abandoned mine borrowed from Reisen, the elder of Ravennue Village. 
815:Gate Pass - A pass to enter the Bose region. 
816:Recommendation - A document awarded by the Rolent Bracer Guild recommending advancement to bracer status. 
817:Hundred Days War - A book about the hidden truth behind the Hundred Days War campaign. 
818:Progressive Rod - A normal fishing pole which can be found anywhere. 
819:Recommendation - A document awarded by the Bose Bracer Guild recommending advancement to bracer status. 
820:Warehouse Key - A key found in Ruan's south block. 
821:Torn Map - A piece of an old sea chart found in a barrel washed up on the beach of the Gull Seaside Way. 
822:Letter to Cassius - A letter received from the guild addressed to Cassius Bright.  
823:Bouquet - A standard present. 
824:Black Notebook - A notebook found inside a vacuum in the sky bandits' hideout. Nonsensical rows of numbers are written inside. 
825:Recommendation - A document awarded by the Ruan Bracer Guild recommending advancement to bracer status. 
826:Recommendation - A document awarded by the Zeiss Bracer Guild recommending advancement to bracer status. 
827:Recommendation - A document awarded by the Grancel Bracer Guild recommending advancement to bracer status. 
828:Special Boxed Lunch - A sandwich and paella set with a free herbal tea included.  
829:Ruan Economics I - A book taken from the Material Archives at the royal academy. The 1st volume in a trilogy. 
830:Ruan Economics II - A book taken from the Material Archives at the royal academy. The 2nd volume in a trilogy. 
831:Ruan Economics III - A book taken from the Material Archives at the royal academy. The 3rd volume in a trilogy. 
832:Kitty-Talk for Dummies - A book taken from the Material Archives at Zeiss Central Factory. Contains candid kitty conversations. Meow. 
833:Tomorrow's Cooking - A book taken from the Material Archives at Zeiss Central Factory. It mainly speculates about the future of cooking. 
834:Septium Optic Annals - A book taken from the Material Archives at Zeiss Central Factory. Collections of these are routinely published. 
835:The Erbe Woodpecker - A book found inside the stone lantern in the pond at Elmo Village. From the Zeiss Central Factory Material Archives. 
836:Hertz's Adventure II - A book found near the strange stone pillars on Tratt Plains Road. From the Zeiss Central Factory Material Archives. 
837:31 Cypress Trees - A book found behind a barrel on the 3rd floor of the Sanktheim Gate. From the Zeiss Central Factory Archives. 
838:Drive Orbment - A drive orbment which could be said to be the heart of a haulage vehicle. 
839:Liberl News - Issue 1 - S.C. 1202 [The Queen's Birthday is Approaching] The 60th Anniversary - Preparations are Underway! 
840:Liberl News - Issue 2 - S.C. 1202 [The Airliner 'Linde' has Vanished!] Accident? Incident? Details Inside! 
841:Liberl News - Issue 3 - S.C. 1202 [Update! Disappearance of the Linde] Ransom Note from Capua Family a.k.a. the Sky Bandits! 
842:Liberl News - Issue 4 - S.C. 1202 [Sky Bandits Arrested! Missing Linde Case Solved!] A First-Hand Account of the Foray! 
843:Liberl News - Issue 5 - S.C. 1202 [Exclusive Interview with Colonel Richard] The Royal Army's Rising Star! Personal Details Revealed! 
844:Liberl News - Issue 6 - S.C. 1202 [Ruan City Mayor Arrested on Suspicion of Arson!] Rampage of Incumbent Mayor! Motive Brought to Light! 
845:Liberl News - Issue 7 - S.C. 1202 [Shock Over Incident at Zeiss Central Factory] Daylight Attack - Terrorist a Member of the Royal Guard?! 
846:Liberl News - Issue 8 - S.C. 1202 [City Shaken Over Possible Sedition Conspiracy!] Sudden Mistrust Falls on Elite Group! 
847:Liberl News - Issue 9 - S.C. 1202 [Victors Decided in Martial Arts Competition!] The Fight is Over! - Crown Goes to an Unlikely Team! 
848:Liberl News - Special - S.C. 1202 [Intel's Coup D'etat Plot Thwarted!] Full Report! Rescue Operation for Her Highness, the Queen! 
854:Back Room Key - A key found in the Factory Chief's office of the Zeiss Central Factory. 
855:Grancel Sewer Map - A blueprint of the sewers running beneath the Royal City of Grancel. 
856:Dorothy's Photograph - A picture Dorothy took of the Leiston Fortress. 
857:Leiston Fortress Map - The schematics for Leiston Fortress. (Obtained by secret means.) 
858:Leiston Fortress Map - The schematics for Leiston Fortress. (Obtained by secret means.) 
859:Black Orbment - An obsidian-black orbment found in a package addressed to Cassius. 
860:Junior Bracer Emblem - A junior bracer emblem awarded by the guild. Identification of one's junior bracer status. 
861:Bracer Emblem - An emblem verifying bracer status awarded by the guild. Has the official Bracer Guild symbol on its surface. 
862:Letter to Faye - A letter received from Private Brahm at the Wolf Fort written with words of equivocal love. 
863:Liberl Kingdom Map - A map of the Liberl Kingdom. It can be used to confirm one's current whereabouts. 
864:Attn. Factory Chief - A referral from the guild addressed to the head of the central factory. 
866:Detector Jammer - A device invented by Professor Russell. Capable of jamming detection sensors. 
868:Orbal Calculator - The orbal calculator, Capel, which was stolen from the central factory. 
869:Zemuria Moss - A glowing moss gathered from the Kaldia Limestone Cave. It?fs needed to make a remedy developed by the Septian Church. 
870:Arve Sovereign Serum - A remedy formulated from Zemuria moss. It boosts the immune system to fight off toxic agents. 
871:Gasoline Tank - A tank filled with combustible liquid produced by the Republic. 
872:Combustion Engine - A complex machine which changes thermal energy into kinetic energy by burning fuel inside a metallic pipe. 
873:Pump Shed Key - A key borrowed from Mrs. Mao to the pump shed in Elmo Village. 
874:Boarding Pass - A ticket for the airliner and a reserved seat to the Royal City of Grancel. 
875:Grand Arena Ticket - A spectator ticket for the Martial Arts Competition. 
876:Julia's Letter - A letter from 1st Lieutenant Schwarz addressed to Hilda, the head maid at Grancel Castle. 
877:Grancel Sewer Key A - A key to the sewer entrance in Grancel's west block. 
878:Grancel Sewer Key B - A key to the sewer entrance in Grancel's east block. 
879:Spare Key - A key to the main hall hidden in the gallery of the Erbe Royal Villa. 
880:Boarding Pass - A ticket for the airliner and a reserved seat to the Royal City of Grancel. 
881:Invitation - An invitation to the royal banquet awarded by Duke von Auslese as a prize for winning the Martial Arts Competition. 
882:Registry Card - A card indicating participation in the Martial Arts Competition. 
883:Small Box - The item required to complete bracer practical training. It is tightly sealed. 
884:Hertz's Adventure I - A book which can be read in the central factory Material Archives but not taken. 
885:Room 202 Key - A key to room 202 at Hotel Roenbaum. 
886:Luke's Journal - An account of Luke's day to day life as a bracer. Shocking twist ending! Sadly, it can?ft be taken. 
900:Firefly Fungus - A suspiciously green, glowing mushroom. It is rumored to be delectable if prepared right. 
901:Acerbic Tomato - A new species that arose as a byproduct of experimentation. It is unimaginably bitter. 
902:Bear Claw - A thorny medicinal herb that looks like a bear?fs claw. Often used in food and medicine. 
903:Tri-Colored Rice - A blend of red, yellow, and black husked rice. Delightfully crunchy and often used in dishes in Liberl. 
904:Aged Miso - An Eastern seasoning made by fermenting steamed grains. Has a pungent flavor and is great for health. 
905:Vintage Wine - A thoroughly aged, potent liquor. It is highly regarded as a cooking wine for its rich aroma. 
906:Fresh Milk - Freshly drawn milk delivered daily from the farm. Rolent?fs local brand is said to be especially tasty. 
907:Fresh Eggs - Newly laid eggs from free-range chickens. A basic ingredient essential for cooking. 
908:Sharp Cheese - Ripened cheese made from freshly drawn milk. 
909:Luscious Orange - A hand-picked fruit from a farming village. Vivid orange like the setting sun. 
910:Ripe Apple - A succulent treat harvested after it has grown to maturity. From the famous fruit orchards of the Village of Ravennue. 
911:Azelia Fruit - A fruit with a tough rind indigenous to the Ruan region. It is mainly enjoyed in the form of juice. 
912:Milled Flour - The most basic of ingredients. Neither pasta nor bread can be made without it. 
913:Salted Anchovy - A nonperishable rustic fish in a salty sauce. The ones from Manoria Village are said to be top-quality. 
914:Marbled Steak - A mouthwatering cut of meat, tender and marbled with fat. Great in dishes from stew to steak. 
915:Flaky Potato - A small succulent potato. Great in boiled foods since it keeps its firmness. 
916:Crisp Onion - A large onion with a nice crunchy texture. With almost no acrid taste, it can be eaten like an apple. 
917:Dirty Carrot - A sweet carrot great for cooking. The dirt is used to keep it fresh. 
918:Maple Sugar - A natural sweetener made from boiled-down tree sap. Its faint aroma can be used as an accent for foods. 
919:Kibbled Salt - Coarsely ground rock salt. Rich in minerals, it carries a profound flavor. 
920:Olive Oil - Oil taken from the olives of a tree laden with fruit. Essential to give that special touch to dishes. 
921:Fresh Herb - A sweet herb with a pleasant fragrance. Its use varies from tea to even ridding meats of odors. 
922:Dragon Beans - Flavorful coffee beans native to Liberl. The raw beans are used as a condiment. 
923:Royal Leaf - A popular tree leaf used as an extract since old times. It?fs even used to flavor candy. 
924:Black Pepper - Whole black pepper. An essential spice in meat dishes. 
925:Red Pepper - A discernibly red hot pepper. Dried ones are often ground into powder. 
926:Curative Horn - A health food full of minerals. Figuring out how to eat it requires some ingenuity. 
927:Savory Pinion - A thin, clear membranous wing. It is mainly used to flavor dishes. 
928:Leathery Tail - A well-developed muscular tail. Though troublesome to cook, it has an excellent flavor. 
929:Juicy Bone - An essential ingredient for soup broth. It is used in numerous dishes. 
930:Gummy Eyeball - A large gelatinous ball of...meat. A healthy food most people wouldn?ft poke with a stick. 
931:Lucky Fang - A sharp, jagged, saw-like fang. Once ground into a fine powder, it is used to spice up dishes. 
932:Monster Carapace - The tender meat inside the shell is a real prize. Being quite lean, the flesh has a light taste. 
933:Beast Flesh - Monster flesh with a slight odor. The more you chew it the better it tastes. 
934:Fish Fillet - Fish with a rather sinewy texture. It?fs quite tough to chew for being light white meat. 
935:Tender Poultry - Monster meat with a rather ordinary flavor. Its leanness makes it a popular ingredient among women, however. 
936:Clear Gelatin - A tasteless, scentless gelatinous strand. It melts in the mouth like a smooth froth. 
937:Bird Egg - A giant egg the size of a child?fs head. Prized in the East as a revitalizing agent. 
938:Fish Egg - A fun food that pops in the mouth. It is a popular ingredient in Eastern cooking. 
939:Prickly Seed - A seed covered by a host of tiny thorns. Saut?ing it in a frying pan really brings out the flavor. 
940:Smelt - A small freshwater fish easily caught for sport. If battered and deep-fried, it can be eaten head and all. 
941:Liberl Carp - An omnivorous whiskered fish living in lakes. Although it has a peculiar smell it is great in many foods. 
942:Rainbow Trout - A medium-sized fish with iridescent lines on the sides of its body. Best cooked while it's fresh! 
943:Tiger Rockfish - A beautiful fish with a vivid orange belly. It tastes best if salted and grilled on a stick. 
944:Salmon - A fish that goes upstream to lay its eggs. It is a well-known edible fish with flavorful pink meat. 
1000:Practice Weapon - Lacking in the power department, but better than nothing.

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