Cloudpunk Editor/Trainer

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Cloudpunk Editor/Trainer

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Cloudpunk Trainer

Explore Nivalis in total freedom !


How to use:
  • Start game
  • Start tool
  • Edit values
  • Enjoy

After activation, the tool will display only 0 as values.
For Global and Player values, you need to go back in the game and be on foot.
For Player Car values, you need to be inside you HOVA.
Wait until tool display values, then edit.

Compatible Versions:
  • Steam 'Butter Update' (01.07.2020 ) [3D32D76C7F402C4BC0B6127B108D5557]
  • Latest Steam (14.07.2020 ) [3D32D76C7F402C4BC0B6127B108D5557]
Options :
  • Global Struct Editor
  • Player Struct Editor
  • Player Car Struct Editor
Virus Total: ... /detection
Note: memory reading/writing may falsely trigger some antivirus programs


(256.74 KiB) Downloaded 35 times
The tool is open-source:

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