Yakuza 0 WINDOWS STORE Trainer +20

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Yakuza 0 WINDOWS STORE Trainer +20

Post by Rhark »

Yakuza 0 +20 WINDOWS STORE Trainer Image Options:
  1. Untouchable
  2. Easy Kills
  3. Unlimited Yen/CP
  4. Instant Real Estate Payment
  5. Infinite Weapon Durability
  6. Infinite Items
  7. KARAOKE: Max Score
  8. DISCO: Max Score
  9. CABARET: Max Sunshine Fever
  10. CABARET: Mega Fans
  11. BATTING: Always S-Rank
  12. BATTING: Infinite Balls
  13. BATTING: No Strike Out
  14. BATTING: Gold Rush Mega Money
  15. OUT RUN: Freeze Timer
  16. OUT RUN: Mega Points
  17. BOWLING: Infinite Balls
  18. SPACE HARRIER: Infinite Lives
  19. SPACE HARRIER: Mega Points
  20. Super Speed
  • KARAOKE option can only be activated/deactivated during the minigame.
  • Disable “BATTING: No Strike Out” BEFORE leaving the Batting arena to avoid crash.
  • To avoid any crashes only use the options that you need at that time.

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Re: Yakuza 0 WINDOWS STORE Trainer +20

Post by ebtesam22 »

finally thx

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