The Surge 2 Trainer +15

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The Surge 2 Trainer +15

Post by BooBoo » Proudly Presents...

The Surge 2 Trainer's + Cheat's for PC

The Surge 2 Trainer +15 v1.0 Steam

FREE + PREMIUM Trainers : [Link]




Author: DDS

Options: +15 Basic Initial trainer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Code: Select all

Key F999 = Everything Burrito

Numpad 1 = Infinite Health
Numpad 2 = Infinite Stamina
Numpad 3 = Infinite Energy
Numpad 4 = Easy Kills
Numpad 5 = Unlimited Module Points
Numpad 6 = Add x100 Tech Scrap
Numpad 7 = Add x1000 Tech Scrap
Numpad 8 = Add x10000 Tech Scrap
Numpad 9 = Reset Tech Scrap
Numpad 0 = Add x10 Max CorePower
Numpad / = Add x100 Max CorePower
Key F2   = Reset Max PCorePower
Key F3   = Save Position
Key F4   = Teleport
Key F5   = Undo Teleport

CTRL + H == Disable all Hotkeys.



Press the key INSERT at the main menu or anywhere in the game
and listen for, "Trainer Activated".

All the options are self-explanatory. If you need
help with any of the options, please post all your
questions on the trainer's support page on our blog.


For quicker support, please join us @ [Link]

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Re: The Surge 2 Trainer +15

Post by oldman82 »

GUI of this looks like the Assassin's Creed - Odyssey trainer i just downloaded and which worked very nicely

,unlike the previous trainer i was using which wouldn't work when i needed it most.

I'll try this one for Surge 2 as well ,thanks very much !

Oh ,you have to pay for it :P
Though you do get a fair demo version to try it out.
I'll have a look and see.
Clicked on 'Buy Now' button and it says "You need to have a FREE account to download this Trainer."
So not sure if it's actually free or what.
I''ll make an account over there tomorrow ,beddy byes right now.

Hey ,BooBoo ,is that your own home blog/page ?

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