Old Modern Warfare 3 trainer

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Old Modern Warfare 3 trainer


This was made in July 2012 when I was still going through puberty
Doubt people still play this game tbh, but it's one of the first games I worked on independently (without following someone else's guide and with unique ideas) so it means a lot to me

http://www.mediafire.com/file/l3w8n06y6 ... rainer.exe

Process name: iw5sp.exe

From archives:

"This trainer contains every hack that has not been included in any other trainer, and does not contain any codes from previous trainers. In other words, they are all NEW codes. [Note: by other trainers, I meant trainers that had already been uploaded on CEF]

No clipping mode- It's different from what you expect. Instead of falling through the floor and sprinting through walls, this is a much safer way. Use the directional keys to navigate around the map without collisions. (Eg press the up key to move north without clipping through a wall).

Super Jump - A jump that is 10 times the size of a normal jump, use it under buildings to teleport to the rooftop. Otherwise, it's useless because the gravity will pull you down to your death.

Extreme Jump - A VERY HIGH jump that will kill you unless you are teleporting to a high location.

Normal Jump - Press Space to jump your normal height, the only difference is you can do this jump even when you're not supposed to (eg swimming in campaign mode).

Flyhack - A disable gravity code. The jump codes listed above are pretty much useless without this. When you press Num 0 and disable gravity, you can jump at any height without gravity pulling you back down. So you can float around the map knifing helicopters.

Ammo hack - Unlimited Ammo, Lethal, and Tactical equipment. Instead of losing ammo, you gain it.


---Statement: Whenever I do the jump hack, I get stuck in midair!

Reason: These are "invisible walls" built by InfinityWard to prevent glitchers from using care packages to jump over the walls. Some structures are alot taller than they look.

Solution: Keep Jumping till you can move freely.---

---Statement: I keep falling down whenever I jump! I am unable to stay in midair!

Reason: Gravity.

Solution: Activate Flyhack before making the jump.---


Q: How do I walk through walls?

A: Move to the wall you want to walk through. Then, use your radar to check the direction and press the corresponding hotkey (eg North or South or East or West)"

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