Supreme Ruler Ultimate (GodMode, diplomacy and more)

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Supreme Ruler Ultimate (GodMode, diplomacy and more)

Post by AlexS » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:24 am

(Google translation)

Try it.
The table for Supreme Ruler Ultimate, works on version 9.1.114 of the game, maybe works on other versions.
Options: resources, diplomacy, Godmode, research, etc.

Description of options. Please read carefully.
Resources - endless player resources. You can set the value and freeze this value (Yes / No) separately for each resource. Values are updated once a day.
Resources (all-in-one) - when the script is activated, all resources are frozen at once at the default values. This script repeats the previous one, it is made for convenience, in order not to install each resource separately. Use only one script that you prefer.
Fast construction of units - fast construction of player units (1 day).
Fast researches - fast research player (1-2 days).
GodMode - no damage for player units.
Condition of buildings - fast construction and restoration of the player’s buildings (1-2 days).
Condition of a unit (under the cursor) - editing the characteristics (HP, Fuel, Morale, Experience, Entrenchment, etc.) of any unit under the cursor. Select a hex with a unit, open the "LAND" tab, select "Unit Presence" and in the list of units move the cursor to any unit. Its name and characteristics will appear in the table. For your units, you can also hover over the list of units on the map.
Condition of units + - restore the characteristics and condition of the player’s units every day.
- Realistic Fuel and Supply - in the “Yes” position, the values of Fuel and Supply are fully restored; in the "No" position, the values of Fuel and Supply are restored to 5 times the maximum (this is useful for combat or movement when the unit is surrounded by enemies or a remote area with poor supply and the unit lacks a standard supply of fuel and supplies to perform all day activities).
Diplomatic relations - diplomatic relations between your country and the selected country. Select a country on the map, open the "STATE" tab and hover over the flag (or right-click on the country and hover over the flag in the pop-up menu) until the "Relationship" window appears. The table will show the numerical values of diplomatic relations with your country. To change, click on the selected line "Enter" and select a value in the drop-down list. Names with the "+" and "-" icons mean values much more than the same without the icons, i.e. values far beyond the limits of the visible scale (these are also correct game values, a country with a "Friendly +" attitude almost always agrees to an alliance, and with a "Hostile -" attitude it may soon declare war). Note: An alternative way is to open the "Regional Atlas" and move the cursor over the flags of different countries. Please note that for colonies, where two flags are next to each other, diplomatic relations with them are different.
The chosen country - edit the selected country (any except yours). Open the "STATE" tab and select the country on the map, its name will appear in the "Name" line (you can also use "Regional Atlas").
- Group Resources - you can change the resources of the selected country. Note: the value of "Treasury" can be set to negative (the value in the game will be red, it means duty).
- The Diplomatic relation to the country of the player group - diplomatic relations with your country.
- The group Diplomatic relation to the chosen country - diplomatic relations of the selected country with another country ("Name 2"). Select a country on the map by clicking on its territory, then press the "=" key on the keyboard, then click again on the territory of the country on the map. The name in the "Name 2" line will change from "League of Nations" to the name of the selected country. Select another country on the map. The values of diplomatic relations in the table will change and will show the attitude of the country "Name" to the country "Name 2".
- All Countries (once a day) - an additional script that allows you to change the attitude of all countries of the world to the country "Name 2". Pause the game, activate the script, specify the country "Name 2", select the relationship in the drop-down list of the line "Relations" and remove the game from the pause. In one day, the attitude of all countries of the world to the country "Name 2" will change. Deactivate the script. Note: if you want to change the attitude of all countries towards your country, then you need to choose your country in "Name 2". To do this, first click on the territory of your country, then press the "=" key on the keyboard, and then click on the territory of any other country (not yours).
- ALL to ALL - if you set "Yes", then the script "All Countries (once a day)" will change the attitude not to one country, but all countries to all countries.

Sorry for the bad english.
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