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Journey +2

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Journey +2

Post by Cielos » Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:31 am

made some scripts for the game "Journey".
sucks that it's Epic store exclusive though... :x

inf. fly
- when activated, you can fly continuously even you have no "fuel" left.

walk/sprint keys
- when activated, allows you to walk or sprint by holding the specified key, which can both be changed via the entry.
- by script default, hold CapsLock key to walk, Shift key to sprint; both can be changed by editing the script, line 3 and 4.
- both speeds can be changed via the entry.
- walk speed default: 0.4, sprint speed default: 3, can both be changed by editing the script, line 5 and 6.
(14.51 KiB) Downloaded 176 times
want a custom cheat? ask here. FRF have many talents!
if no one seems bothered...
prepare a paypal and PM me, or find a way for me to access the game in question.

I've set up my Patreon.
so if you like my tables... guess what I like besides cheating?

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