Trine Enchanted Edition +3 [GOG][Version 2.12 Build:510]

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Trine Enchanted Edition +3 [GOG][Version 2.12 Build:510]

Post by VampTY » Fri May 10, 2019 4:30 pm

CE Table for version 2.12 Build:510, i made it and is working for this version (GOG).


There's 3 options and all have hotkeys assigned to them:

F1 [Unlimited] Health
F2 [Unlimited] Stamina
PgUp/PgDn [Add/Remove] Experience Potions


Start the game using trine1_32bit.exe from _enchanted_edition_ folder, remember that!

All heroes won't be defeated, even if you get hit by sword, fire, lava, water, spikes, acid etc (no need for oxigen cheat, they won't die).Stamina is unlimited, for all, for life/stamina will decrease a bit visual on screen, not on their values though.That option with experience, is like this, activate PgDn to set all to 0 and then press PgUp and will instantly add 49 green exp potions, then kill some enemy or grab another potion and you'll get 50 and Level Up, then repeat the process, is simple, you'll level fast (do this with exp points after tutorial, when you'll get all three heroes first time to play with) and find and open those chests in order to upgrade!


NOTE : Feel free to use this table to cheat and please don't upload it somewhere else or say that you made this table, have a little respect!
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