Forager (2019-04-25)

Upload your cheat tables here (No requests)
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Re: Forager (2019-04-25)

Post by KraftCrafterMcCrafty » Wed Jan 22, 2020 1:21 am

Sorry for the double post, but the entire set of tables no longer work. This is due to not only how save files are handled, steam workshop integration, but also the fact the game has changed significantly since the last update. We are on version 4.0.3 currently on Steam. Any chance for someone to update the searching values of the tables please?

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Re: Forager (2019-04-25)

Post by TheInsaneHacker » Mon Jan 27, 2020 6:12 pm


I have made a table for version 4.0.3 GoG.
Might work for some of you.

Pm me for cheat requests. :D

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