The Initial (Table +6)

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The Initial (Table +6)

Post by miraikolus » Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:42 am

The Initial Cheat Table with the following functions:
  • Set money after playing a stage or buying something
  • Max HP
  • Max SP
  • Customizeable Jump Height (sets a default, resets on deact.).
  • DGH - Disable Getting Hit - won't receive any damage - also no fallback animation etc
  • OHK - 2 versions (none to my liking)
Remarks: You can set the Jump Height to any value (Only the sky is the limit, nice if you want to reach states you normally can't enter or want to bypass some fights. But esp. indoors you don't want to set it too hight, or you'll flought in the air for ... seconds).
You can enable Max HP + DGH, but second renders first useless. If you get hit, then enable DGH, then Max HP, you won't see anything happen with the Health bar.
OHK - avoid the red one - for testing only. The first, orange one - does work - but it also gives the enemy high damage. So you do want to also enable the HP or Hit Cheat (or both if you rly want)! But who knows, some might like it that way to be more of a challange. (Ok, but why no real OHK?: I wanted to make individual scripts, but I didn't find any other hook rly working, I guess a real one just can be done on Max HP hook. But I did delete the game, so .... Surprise me by finding a better hook.)
Created with latest Update 8.11
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