Dusk+16 Version 1_1 [Steam]

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Dusk+16 Version 1_1 [Steam]

Post by Bloodybone » Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:53 pm



Godmode - Disables everything regarding losing health or armor

Inf Health - Only Disables losing health

Inf Ammo

Inf Jumps

Disable Collision with enemies - This will also disable collision with enemy projectiles

Player Base
--Difficulty Multiplier

-Attack Stuff

-Godmode Flag

Controller Base
-Base Address

SelectionScript Base
-Base Address

Stop Enemies from attacking

Instantly Kill everything - This will kill anything that can be killed and has been spawned

Other things are Invincible

Have all Keys

Fire Speed Multiplier
-Multiplier - Setting this to +inf makes you shoot as fast as possible

Disable Gravity for Player

Can Climb walls - Makes you able to Climb anything

Activate Slomo
Game Version 1_1
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