Football Manager 2019 | 19.1.1 | 4.2 | 28-Apr-2019

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Re: Football Manager 2019 | 19.1.1 | 4.2 | 28-Apr-2019

Post by yiguanyu1997 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:47 am

Maybe you can have a try the Version 19.35 please

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Re: Football Manager 2019 | 19.1.1 | 4.2 | 28-Apr-2019

Post by SilverFlash » Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:55 am

Xratedgamer247 wrote:
Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:18 am
Thanks! Figured it out. Super team also doesn't work, i've tried everything but still doesn't work., So i manually updated each player condition, morale and sharpness to 32500 and 20 respectively, but later on during the match they begin to get tired and start conceding tremendiously, i later checked thier condition after the match and whoalla! Less than 2000. So how do i activate the superteam feature for good or freeze player stats condition, morale for only my team? Thanks for your effort, your cheat engine rocks.
Been trying to mess around the scripts and pointers with this, but still no dice. Haven't been able to pinpoint the reason why some or at times the entire team isn't affected by the script, although, from what little I gathered the pointer only works on a set amount of player addresses, so there's a limit to how many players on your team it works on, and there's also a restriction on how the player address is included to your squad's pointer(have been able to work around this by completing all my signings in the first summer window, as all subsequent signings wont be affected by the code unless, either a specific amount of time goes by or you release some of the other players which the script has worked on).Either way, your best chance to make this work is start a new game and find a team in which the code works. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Re: Football Manager 2019 | 19.1.1 | 4.2 | 28-Apr-2019

Post by tfigment » Sat Jul 27, 2019 2:32 pm

Here is my table for 19.3.5 (updated 3-Aug-2019). I did not fix any code or cheat scripts for super squads.

Didn't keep track of everything I did but this is what I can remember
  • Updated "My Profile" for Coach Non-Player values with new pointers
  • Added a new datatype (Mask 0x3FFF) which is used with Training Values
  • Found some code injection points for training, fitness, morale
  • Might be some partial structures in "Dissect structure" area for [basPlayer]
  • Added Training Happiness (v2)
  • Added Personal Reputation with Players (v2)
  • Added pointers to player for Relationships (v2)
  • Added code location for disabling rejection of work visas (v2)
First, what I use this table most for is to "fix" morale, sharpness, jadeness and training for all Squad players after a match.

To get the current happiness, match condition, match shape and jadedness for everyone on the team and change all at once instead of player by player do the following:
Bulk Happiness, Match Condition Change procedureShow
  1. Attach CE. Take out of "Full View Mode". Select "Advanced Options". Put back in "Compact View Mode" if you like.
  2. Go to Squad selection
  3. (Optional) Select Players > All Players
  4. Sub Select Fitness (something other than "Selection Info")
  5. Switch to CE. Focus the Advanced Options window.
    • Happiness
      • Right click Select "ReadPlayerHappiness"
      • "Find out what addresses this code reads from"
      • Attach debugger if asked.
      • Set data type to "Byte" at bottom
    • Condition
      • Right click Select "match condition"
      • "Find out what addresses this code reads from"
      • Set data type to "2 Bytes" at bottom
    • Match Shape
      • Right click Select "match shape"
      • "Find out what addresses this code reads from"
      • Set data type to "2 Bytes" at bottom
    • Jadedness
      • Right click Select "jadedness"
      • "Find out what addresses this code reads from"
      • Set data type to "2 Bytes" at bottom
    • You should have 4 windows open from CE that are empty.
  6. Switch to FM. Sub Select "Selection Info". (The game may freeze for a few seconds as the values are read.)
  7. Switch to CE. The 4 windows should have values. Press "Stop" on all 4 windows. This is important for performance reasons also we only want this squad to show up.
  8. For each window. Select all values and change Happiness to 20, Match Condition/Shape to 10000, jadedness to 65036.
    (Key commands for faster entry: Home, Shift+End, Enter, <Type Value>, Enter)

These values are good until you reload the game or something like that.
To mess with Individual Training:
Bulk Individual Tactical Training ValuesShow
  1. Attach CE. Take out of "Full View Mode". Select "Advanced Options". Put back in "Compact View Mode" if you like.
  2. Goto Training > Individual
  3. Put Filter in "Detailed" mode
  4. Select Single Player
  5. Switch to CE. Focus the Advanced Options window.
  6. Right click Select "Read Training Param on Individual"
  7. Change filter to "Mask 0x3FFF"
  8. Switch to FM. Change "Tactical Familiarity" to "No tactics selected" (any option works really)
  9. Switch to CE. The window should have a number of values now.
  10. Press "Stop". This is important for performance reasons since we don't want debugger always running.
  11. Select all values and change to 10000 or whatever.

I'm not actually sure how useful this really is but seems to help overall. This does not impact Position/Role/Duty. And some values like Marking, Tempo seem to be team wide values covered elsewhere.
3/Aug/2019: Updates for version 2 of my edits since it seems like some people downloaded the table.
Relationships (v2)Show

Table shows the first 30 relationships (Thus greatly increased size). This might slow down this table as I can see it struggle to update when switching between players . Note that exact count is not easy since its tracked by start and end pointers not count. The table could be scripted to do something more correct here but its tricky and I'm probably not interested right now.

What I've seen in relationships is that these hold your manager and player relationships as expected but also hold strange things like Fitness Training Happiness and number of days left before work permit can be reapplied for. I used this to locate the pointer for Bulk Training Happiness code so players stop complaining about so much quickness training or whatever and improve relationships so I don't have to keep praising players for good game or training.

Anyway, if you go to Home > Relationships and use the "Home > Relationships: Relationships Values" to "Find out what address this code references" you can update how your players like or don't like you (does not work on other coaches).

If you go to "Dynamics > Training" and use the "Dynamics: Training Happiness" code to find addresses then you can change the first team training happiness. You can also create a custom view on the squad page to get training happiness columns and update players not in the first teams as well.
Work Permit (v2)Show

So work permit rejection can be annoying so I figured out how that works. There is a Relationship Record Type 117 which tracks work permit denied. The Info field is number of days until the permit is reevaluated. Set to zero to allow immediate retry.

Next you can use the "Force Work Permit (replace with nothing)" code in the Advanced Options table to "Replace with code that does nothing" before the day that the permit is evaluated. This will automatically allow permit to be issued. Note that its not good to leave this code commented out all the time unless you want all teams to get permits issued I suppose. "Restore with original code" when done using.

Update: I tried this today and it did not trigger on a transfer from another team. I will continue to investigate it. Perhaps the condition triggers only if you actually have hired the player and they are in your team and unable to play but still needs work permit.

Confirmed. For this to work the player must fail twice to get permit but still hire then get the 120 day reapply wait msg. Then use relationships pointer for the 117 Record Type code to change Info to 0 from the 119 or so value. If you then reapply and have this code set to do nothing then the player will be accepted next time this is evaluated.

Updated 3/Aug/2019. Add relationships
(3.22 MiB) Downloaded 122 times
Figment's minor updates for bulk happiness, condition changes
(728.19 KiB) Downloaded 70 times

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