Monster Hunter World (Steam)

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by karna » Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:29 am

I apologize in advance if this has already been answered and I just didn't see the post... but here goes....

so unfortunately I sorta need a direct answer to a question that may or may not have fully been answered.

Does this game have anti-cheat??

I've seen some people at HL 999 and I asked a friend about it and he said that there is a way to cheat but only by bypassing the anti-cheat. However doing some research in this post no one has really said anything conclusive. All I saw were a couple arguments of how a certain executable was being implemented in a trainer but is irrelevant because it was for the Chinese version blah blah blah. Also, it does say on page 1 that there is an anti-cheat bypass?? Is it auto-enabled when you click the 1st enable script?? and does it work online? (not that I'd want to do anything drastic online, because that would be just plain boring. I'd just play with friends that know I'm cheating and are ok with it, if I played online that is)

:?: Simply put, If I were to use cheats online and/or offline with this or any other cheat/trainer/script would I get banned if not reported by other players?
(is it pretty much guaranteed that I wouldn't get banned if I was never reported?) :?:

Also, isn't this game peer to peer connection; and not on a dedicated server? If so, I don't see how they'd implement an anti-cheat. Unless I'm just dumb and don't know what I'm talking about lol. Thanks in advance.

How to use this cheat table?
  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1

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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by vortiene » Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:28 pm

Ash wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:31 am
vortiene wrote:
Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:41 pm
There really needs to be one "monsters in quests are always giant crown" and "monsters in quests are always miniature crown"

I'm not sure how easy that is to do.
You don't need to, you can edit them through the (GC) edits if you want after you've tired of killing them countless of times.
You can edit both the smallest & Largest, meaning both Big & Miniature crowns.
I'm aware of that. But I want to hunt the largest and smallest monsters, not just change a value to say I did. And I don't want it to be bound by RNG.
I mean I appreciate the effort used to put together the GC editing thing, and in the end I'd probably use it if there was no option, but I'd figure being able to set the current hunt's monster to largest/smallest size would be a more enjoyable option for people.

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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by WarStalkeR » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:53 pm

Is it only me, or Marcus101RR's Change Max Carry doesn't work?

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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by Berserk Knight » Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:56 pm

After hours of trial and error, I finally got a "target monster health bar" overlay up and running.
It's a workaround using the cheat engine's "create form" function, which basically creates a new window.

The bar size is hard coded for my screen resolution(1920x1080) right now, so I'm currently making those adjustable in the script.

There are some minor issues, such as the overlay actually being clickable (couldn't find a way around this one), and the fact that I never coded in anything to make it go away when not needed/switching over to another window. (It's still on my screen as I'm typing this.)

The second issue...I could probably code in something as I implement the adjustable overlay size/placement.

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by Krustenkaese96 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:12 pm

Is there any way to Copy Save Slot 1 into Save Slot 2 and then change the Gender since i also want a Female Char.

Is that in any way possible?

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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by WarStalkeR » Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:40 am

Well, I found a workaround for max item carry capacity. You can easily modify itemData.itm and set max carry capacity to 125 (one byte, setting more then 125 - 7D, allow negative maximum item capacity and thus unlimited item carry, but it might end up buggy):

If somebody interested, I've attached modded file with 125 each item carry capacity. Unpack "itemData.itm" from "" into "YourMonsterHunterWorldFolder\nativePC\common\item\itemData.itm" and enjoy.
(8.36 KiB) Downloaded 53 times

Meanwhile I'm searching for a file that defines max amount of each ammo type for each bow gun. If somebody knows, please share. Thanks. EDIT: As it seems I found correct files for coatings and ammo. Coatings file is already analyzed. Ammo file is still in progress. Once I will finish, I will upload modded files for both of them.

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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by WarStalkeR » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:38 am

Here is modded Bow Coatings file. Now each bow can use any coating. Of course, for sake of the "balance" I've made already existent bow coatings "empowered" and bows that had "empowered" coating from the beginning won't receive Close Range "empowered" coating, only normal one.

I have no idea how bow file references these coatings, but anyway, here is the modded file (as always, unpack "bottle_table.bbtbl" from "" into "YourMonsterHunterWorldFolder\nativePC\common\equip\bottle_table.bbtbl" and enjoy):
(217 Bytes) Downloaded 53 times

Bow Coatings file is very simple, just ignore 6 first bytes and every next 6 bytes represent bow coatings:
00 - coating not available, 01 - coating available, 02 - coating available and empowered.
1st byte - Close Range, 2nd byte - Power, 3rd byte - Paralysis, 4th byte - Poison, 5th bytes - Sleep, 6th byte - Blast.

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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by CeLioCiBR » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:30 am

Hey guys, it's possible to add a way to change our character apparence on the table ? like, voice and stuff ?

fearlessrevolution have it on they trainer..

Anyway, i let my request here, i think it would be awesome.

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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by Berserk Knight » Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:32 am

CeLioCiBR wrote:
Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:30 am
Seikur0 has that on his script.

Squall8 wrote:
Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:13 pm
Here's my health bar overlay.

3 things are required for the overlay to work.
1. Cheat Table Lua Script is running. This can be done by doing either...
1-1. ...let CE run the lua script when loading the table, or...
1-2. ...go to "Table - Show Cheat Table Lua Script" in the menu, and then click Execute Script.
2. Overlay window is up and registered in the script.
2-1. If the Overlay window doesn't show up on your taskbar, "Table - OverlayForm - Restore and show" in the menu.
2-2. If the Overlay window was up before the script was running, you need to focus(switch over to) it for it to register.
3. Target Health table entry is activated.

Target an enemy in the game (default F on keyboard) and the health bar will show up.

To adjust the bar size and location, "Table - Show Cheat Table Lua Script", and edit the first 7 lines to your preference.
Click Execute Script and the overlay will update.
(Bar height and font size is fixed right now, so it might be a little hard to read on 4k or above.)

Set "previewMode" in the script to false when you're done adjusting.

Save the table afterwards so you don't need to do all that all over again.

Only works on windowed / borderless fullscreen mode since it's an overlay.
Also lacks the ability to "latch on" to a target window, so it doesn't follow the game window around if you move it. Thus, borderless fullscreen is highly recommended.
MHW Health Bar Overlay.CT
(9.2 KiB) Downloaded 70 times
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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by bigbang20061 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:28 pm

Marcus101RR wrote:
Sat Aug 25, 2018 2:27 am
Here is an update:

The Item List Sorted:
Sorted Item ListShow
2:Mega Potion
3:Max Potion
4:Ancient Potion
6:Herbal Medicine
8:Energy Drink
10:Rare Steak
11:Well-done Steak
12:Burnt Meat
13:Cool Drink
15:Mega Nutrients
17:Astera Jerky
18:Dash Juice
19:Mega Dash Juice
20:Might Seed
22:Mega Demondrug
23:Might Pill
24:Adamant Seed
26:Mega Armorskin
27:Adamant Pill
29:Herbal Powder
30:Demon Powder
31:Hardshell Powder
34:Antidote Herb
35:Fire Herb
37:Snow Herb
38:Sleep Herb
41:Dragonfell Berry
42:Blue Mushroom
45:Devil's Blight
54:Kelbi Horn
55:Dash Extract
56:Nourishing Extract
57:Screamer Sac
59:Tranq Bomb
60:Flash Pod
61:Screamer Pod
62:Smoke Bomb
63:Poison Smoke Bomb
65:Raw Meat
66:Poisoned Meat
67:Tinged Meat
68:Drugged Meat
70:Small Barrel
71:Barrel Bomb
72:Bounce Bomb
73:Mega Bounce Bomb
74:Large Barrel
75:Large Barrel Bomb
76:Mega Barrel Bomb
77:Spider Web
79:Trap Tool
80:Pitfall Trap
81:Shock Trap
82:Rolled-up Dung
84:Dung Pod
85:Arowana Bait
86:Gunpowderfish Bait
87:Goldenfish Bait
96:Dragonstrike Nut
102:Gunpowder Level 2
103:Gunpowder Level 3
104:Whetfish Fin
105:Whetfish Fin+
106:Sushifish Scale
107:Great Sushifish Scale
108:Gunpowderfish Scale
109:Great Gunpowderfish Scale
110:Burst Arowana Scale
111:Great Burst Arowana Scale
112:Bomb Arowana Scale
113:Great Bomb Arowana Scale
115:Capture Net
116:Fishing Rod
117:BBQ Spit
118:Ghillie Mantle
119:Temporal Mantle
120:Health Booster
121:Rocksteady Mantle
122:Challenger Mantle
123:Vitality Mantle
124:Fireproof Mantle
125:Waterproof Mantle
126:Iceproof Mantle
127:Thunderproof Mantle
128:Dragonproof Mantle
129:Cleanser Booster
130:Glider Mantle
131:Evasion Mantle
132:Impact Mantle
133:Apothecary Mantle
134:Immunity Mantle
135:Affinity Booster
136:Bandit Mantle
137:Normal Ammo 1
138:Normal Ammo 2
139:Normal Ammo 3
140:Pierce Ammo 1
141:Pierce Ammo 2
142:Pierce Ammo 3
143:Spread Ammo 1
144:Spread Ammo 2
145:Spread Ammo 3
146:Sticky Ammo 1
147:Sticky Ammo 2
148:Sticky Ammo 3
149:Cluster Bomb 1
150:Cluster Bomb 2
151:Cluster Bomb 3
152:Flaming Ammo
153:Water Ammo
154:Thunder Ammo
155:Freeze Ammo
156:Dragon Ammo
157:Poison Ammo 1
158:Poison Ammo 2
159:Paralysis Ammo 1
160:Paralysis Ammo 2
161:Sleep Ammo 1
162:Sleep Ammo 2
163:Exhaust Ammo 1
164:Exhaust Ammo 2
165:Recover Ammo 1
166:Recover Ammo 2
167:Wyvern Ammo
168:Slicing Ammo
169:Tranq Ammo
170:Demon Ammo
171:Armor Ammo
173:Close-range Coating
174:Empty Phial
175:Power Coating
176:Poison Coating
177:Paralysis Coating
178:Sleep Coating
179:Exhaust Coating
180:Blast Coating
181:First-aid Med
182:First-aid Med+
183:EZ Ration
184:EZ Lifepowder
185:EZ Max Potion
186:EZ Large Barrel Bomb
187:EZ Shock Trap
188:EZ Pitfall Trap
189:EZ Herbal Powder
190:EZ Demon Powder
191:EZ Hardshell Powder
192:EZ Dung Pod
193:EZ Flash Pod
194:EZ Screamer Pod
195:Throwing Knife
196:Poison Knife
197:Sleep Knife
198:Paralysis Knife
199:Tranq Knife
200:EZ Farcaster
201:EZ Tranq Bomb
202:Ballista Ammo
203:One-shot Binder
204:Cannon Ammo
205:Iron Ore
206:Machalite Ore
207:Dragonite Ore
208:Carbalite Ore
209:Fucium Ore
210:Earth Crystal
211:Coral Crystal
212:Dragonvein Crystal
215:Firecell Stone
216:Aquacore Ore
217:Spiritcore Ore
218:Dreamcore Ore
219:Dragoncore Ore
220:Armor Sphere
221:Armor Sphere+
222:Advanced Armor Sphere
223:Hard Armor Sphere
224:Heavy Armor Sphere
225:Sturdy Bone
226:Quality Bone
227:Ancient Bone
228:Boulder Bone
229:Coral Bone
230:Warped Bone
231:Brutal Bone
232:Dragonbone Relic
233:Unknown Skull
234:Great Hornfly
235:Sinister Cloth
236:Monster Bone S
237:Monster Bone M
238:Monster Bone L
239:Monster Bone+
240:Monster Keenbone
241:Monster Hardbone
242:Elder Dragon Bone
243:Sharp Claw
244:Piercing Claw
245:Monster Fluid
246:Monster Broth
247:Poison Sac
248:Toxin Sac
249:Paralysis Sac
250:Omniplegia Sac
251:Sleep Sac
252:Coma Sac
253:Flame Sac
254:Inferno Sac
255:Aqua Sac
256:Torrent Sac
257:Frost Sac
258:Freezer Sac
259:Electro Sac
260:Thunder Sac
261:Bird Wyvern Gem
262:Wyvern Gem
263:Elder Dragon Blood
264:Mosswine Hide
265:Warm Pelt
266:High-quality Pelt
267:Vespoid Shell
268:Vespoid Carapace
269:Vespoid Wing
270:Vespoid Innerwing
271:Hornetaur Shell
272:Hornetaur Wing
273:Hornetaur Head
274:Hornetaur Carapace
275:Hornetaur Innerwing
276:Gajau Skin
277:Gajau Whisker
278:Gajau Scale
279:Grand Gajau Whisker
280:Wingdrake Hide
281:Wingdrake Hide+
282:Barnos Hide+
283:Barnos Talon
284:Kestodon Shell
285:Kestodon Scalp
286:Kestodon Carapace
287:Gastodon Carapace
288:Gastodon Horn
289:Jagras Scale
290:Jagras Hide
291:Jagras Scale+
292:Jagras Hide+
293:Shamos Scale
294:Shamos Hide
295:Shamos Scale+
296:Shamos Hide+
297:Girros Scale
298:Girros Hide
299:Girros Fang
300:Girros Scale+
301:Girros Hide+
302:Great Jagras Scale
303:Great Jagras Hide
304:Great Jagras Mane
305:Great Jagras Claw
306:Great Jagras Scale+
307:Great Jagras Hide+
308:Great Jagras Claw+
309:Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale
310:Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide
311:Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume
312:Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak
313:Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale+
314:Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide+
315:Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume+
316:Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak+
317:Pukei-Pukei Scale
318:Pukei-Pukei Shell
319:Pukei-Pukei Quill
320:Pukei-Pukei Sac
321:Pukei-Pukei Tail
322:Pukei-Pukei Scale+
323:Pukei-Pukei Carapace
324:Pukei-Pukei Wing
325:Pukei-Pukei Sac+
326:Barroth Shell
327:Barroth Ridge
328:Barroth Claw
329:Barroth Scalp
330:Barroth Tail
331:Fertile Mud
332:Barroth Carapace
333:Barroth Ridge+
334:Barroth Claw+
335:Jyuratodus Scale
336:Jyuratodus Shell
337:Jyuratodus Fang
338:Jyuratodus Fin
339:Jyuratodus Scale+
340:Jyuratodus Carapace
341:Jyuratodus Fang+
342:Jyuratodus Fin+
343:Tobi-Kadachi Scale
344:Tobi-Kadachi Pelt
345:Tobi-Kadachi Membrane
346:Tobi-Kadachi Claw
347:Tobi-Kadachi Electrode
348:Tobi-Kadachi Scale+
349:Tobi-Kadachi Pelt+
350:Tobi-Kadachi Claw+
351:Tobi-Kadachi Electrode+
352:Anjanath Scale
353:Anjanath Pelt
354:Anjanath Fang
355:Anjanath Nosebone
356:Anjanath Tail
357:Anjanath Plate
358:Anjanath Scale+
359:Anjanath Pelt+
360:Anjanath Fang+
361:Anjanath Nosebone+
362:Anjanath Gem
363:Rathian Scale
364:Rathian Shell
365:Rathian Webbing
366:Rathian Spike
367:Rathian Plate
368:Rathian Scale+
369:Rathian Carapace
370:Rathian Spike+
371:Rathian Ruby
372:Pink Rathian Scale+
373:Pink Rathian Carapace
374:Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Scale
375:Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Hide
376:Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Claw
377:Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Photophore
378:Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Scale+
379:Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Hide+
380:Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Claw+
381:Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Photophore+
382:Paolumu Pelt
383:Paolumu Scale
384:Paolumu Shell
385:Paolumu Webbing
386:Paolumu Pelt+
387:Paolumu Scale+
388:Paolumu Carapace+
389:Paolumu Wing
390:Great Girros Scale
391:Great Girros Hide
392:Great Girros Hood
393:Great Girros Fang
394:Great Girros Tail
395:Great Girros Scale+
396:Great Girros Hide+
397:Great Girros Hood+
398:Great Girros Fang+
399:Radobaan Scale
400:Radobaan Shell
401:Radobaan Oilshell
402:Wyvern Bonemass
403:Radobaan Jaw
404:Radobaan Marrow
405:Radobaan Scale+
406:Radobaan Carapace
407:Radobaan Medulla
408:Legiana Scale
409:Legiana Hide
410:Legiana Claw
411:Legiana Webbing
412:Legiana Tail Webbing
413:Legiana Plate
414:Legiana Scale+
415:Legiana Hide+
416:Legiana Claw+
417:Legiana Wing
418:Legiana Gem
419:Odogaron Scale
420:Odogaron Sinew
421:Odogaron Claw
422:Odogaron Fang
423:Odogaron Tail
424:Odogaron Plate
425:Odogaron Scale+
426:Odogaron Sinew+
427:Odogaron Claw+
428:Odogaron Fang+
429:Odogaron Gem
430:Rathalos Scale
431:Rathalos Shell
432:Rathalos Webbing
433:Rathalos Tail
434:Rath Wingtalon
435:Rathalos Marrow
436:Rathalos Plate
437:Rathalos Scale+
438:Rathalos Carapace
439:Rathalos Wing
440:Rathalos Medulla
441:Rathalos Ruby
442:Azure Rathalos Scale+
443:Azure Rathalos Carapace
444:Azure Rathalos Tail
445:Azure Rathalos Wing
446:Diablos Shell
447:Diablos Ridge
448:Diablos Tailcase
449:Diablos Fang
450:Twisted Horn
451:Diablos Marrow
452:Diablos Carapace
453:Diablos Ridge+
454:Majestic Horn
455:Blos Medulla
456:Black Diablos Carapace
457:Black Diablos Ridge+
458:Black Spiral Horn+
459:Kirin Hide
460:Kirin Tail
461:Kirin Mane
462:Kirin Thunderhorn
463:Kirin Hide+
464:Kirin Thundertail
465:Kirin Azure Horn
466:Zorah Magdaros Inner Scale
467:Zorah Magdaros Heat Scale
468:Zorah Magdaros Carapace
469:Zorah Magdaros Ridge
470:Zorah Magdaros Pleura
471:Zorah Magdaros Brace
472:Zorah Magdaros Magma
473:Zorah Magdaros Gem
474:Dodogama Scale+
475:Dodogama Hide+
476:Dodogama Jaw
477:Dodogama Talon
478:Dodogama Tail
479:Lavasioth Scale+
480:Lavasioth Carapace
481:Lavasioth Fang+
482:Lavasioth Fin+
483:Uragaan Scale+
484:Uragaan Carapace
485:Uragaan Jaw
486:Uragaan Scute
487:Uragaan Marrow
488:Uragaan Ruby
489:Lava Nugget
490:Bazelgeuse Scale+
491:Bazelgeuse Carapace
492:Bazelgeuse Tail
493:Bazelgeuse Fuse
494:Bazelgeuse Talon
495:Bazelgeuse Wing
496:Bazelgeuse Gem
497:Immortal Dragonscale
498:Nergigante Carapace
499:Nergigante Barbs
500:Nergigante Tail
501:Nergigante Horn+
502:Nergigante Talon
503:Nergigante Regrowth Plate
504:Nergigante Gem
505:Deceased Scale
506:Vaal Hazak Carapace
507:Vaal Hazak Membrane
508:Vaal Hazak Tail
509:Vaal Hazak Fang+
510:Vaal Hazak Talon
511:Vaal Hazak Wing
512:Vaal Hazak Miasmacryst
513:Vaal Hazak Gem
514:Teostra Carapace
515:Teostra Mane
516:Teostra Tail
517:Teostra Horn+
518:Fire Dragon Scale+
519:Teostra Claw+
520:Teostra Webbing
521:Teostra Powder
522:Teostra Gem
523:Daora Carapace
524:Daora Dragon Scale+
525:Daora Webbing
526:Daora Horn+
527:Daora Tail
528:Daora Claw+
529:Daora Gem
530:Xeno'jiiva Soulscale
531:Xeno'jiiva Shell
532:Xeno'jiiva Veil
533:Xeno'jiiva Tail
534:Xeno'jiiva Horn
535:Xeno'jiiva Claw
536:Xeno'jiiva Wing
537:Xeno'jiiva Crystal
538:Xeno'jiiva Gem
539:??? Scale
540:??? Shell
541:??? Membrane
542:??? Tail
543:??? Horn
544:??? Claw
545:??? Wing
546:??? Crystal
547:??? Gem
548:Mysterious Feystone
549:Glowing Feystone
550:Worn Feystone
551:Warped Feystone
552:Sullied Streamstone
553:Shining Streamstone
554:Streamstone Shard
556:Gleaming Streamstone
557:Warrior's Streamstone: Sword
558:Warrior's Streamstone: Blade
559:Warrior's Streamstone: Hammer
560:Warrior's Streamstone: Lance
561:Warrior's Streamstone: Axe
562:Warrior's Streamstone: Shaft
563:Warrior's Streamstone: Ranged
564:Hero's Streamstone: Sword
565:Hero's Streamstone: Blade
566:Hero's Streamstone: Hammer
567:Hero's Streamstone: Lance
568:Hero's Streamstone: Axe
569:Hero's Streamstone: Shaft
570:Hero's Streamstone: Ranged
572:First Wyverian Print
573:Deluxe First Wyverian Print
574:Steel Wyverian Print
575:Silver Wyverian Print
576:Gold Wyverian Print
578:High Commendation
579:Research Commission Ticket
580:Pukei Coin
581:Kulu Coin
582:Rathian Coin
583:Tzitzi Coin
584:Barroth Coin
585:Gama Coin
586:Rathalos Coin
587:Brute Coin
588:Flying Coin
589:Pinnacle Coin
590:Hunter King Coin
591:Ace Hunter Coin
592:Steel Egg
593:Silver Egg
594:Golden Egg
595:Chipped Scale
596:Large Scale
597:Beautiful Scale
598:Lustrous Scale
599:Glimmering Scale
602:Loc Lac Ore
603:Val Habar Quartz
605:Golden Scale
606:Golden Scale+
607:Platinum Scale
608:Platinum Scale+
609:Gilded Scale
610:Gilded Scale+
611:White Liver
612:Wyvern Tear
613:Large Wyvern Tear
614:Dragon Treasure
615:Old Dragon Treasure
619:Gourmet Shroomcap
620:Exquisite Shroomcap
621:Spirit Shroomcap
622:Bauble Cactus
623:Jewel Cactus
624:Kingly Cactus
628:Super Abalone
629:Choice Abalone
630:Precious Abalone
631:Light Pearl
632:Deep Pearl
633:Innocent Pearl
634:Forgotten Fossil
635:Legendary Fossil
636:Mystical Fossil
637:Underground Fruit
638:Tainted Fruit
639:Elysian Fruit
640:Gaia Amber
641:Dragonvein Amber
642:Ancient Amber
643:Blue Beryl
644:True Beryl
645:Abyssal Beryl
646:Sunkissed Grass
647:Moonlit Mushroom
650:Violet Abalone
651:Platinum Pearl
652:Wicked Fossil
654:Twilight Stone
656:Wyvern Egg
657:Herbivore Egg
658:Lump of Meat
659:Shepherd Hare
660:Pilot Hare
661:Woodland Pteryx
662:Forest Pteryx
663:Cobalt Flutterfly
664:Phantom Flutterfly
665:Climbing Joyperch
666:Forest Gekko
667:Wildspire Gekko
668:Gloom Gekko
669:Moonlight Gekko
677:Dung Beetle
678:Bomb Beetle
679:Pink Parexus
680:Great Pink Parexus
681:Burst Arowana
682:Bomb Arowana
683:Great Burst Arowana
684:Great Bomb Arowana
685:Elegant Coralbird
686:Dapper Coralbird
688:Downy Crake
689:Bristly Crake
696:Wiggler Queen
698:Giant Vigorwasp
699:Flying Meduso
700:Carrier Ant
702:Gold Hercudrome
703:Prism Hercudrome
704:Emperor Hopper
705:Tyrant Hopper
707:Grandfather Mantagrell
708:Iron Helmcrab
709:Soldier Helmcrab
710:Emerald Helmcrab
712:Great Whetfish
713:Gastronome Tuna
714:Great Gastronome Tuna
715:King Marlin
716:Great King Marlin
719:Great Goldenfish
720:Great Platinumfish
722:Great Goldenfry
724:Great Sushifish
726:Great Gunpowderfish
727:Antidote Jewel 1
728:Antipara Jewel 1
729:Pep Jewel 1
730:Steadfast Jewel 1
731:Antiblast Jewel 1
732:Suture Jewel 1
733:Def Lock Jewel 1
734:Earplug Jewel 3
735:Wind Resist Jewel 2
736:Footing Jewel 2
737:Fertilizer Jewel 1
738:Heat Resist Jewel 2
739:Attack Jewel 1
740:Defense Jewel 1
741:Vitality Jewel 1
742:Recovery Jewel 1
743:Fire Res Jewel 1
744:Water Res Jewel 1
745:Ice Res Jewel 1
746:Thunder Res Jewel 1
747:Dragon Res Jewel 1
748:Resistor Jewel 1
749:Blaze Jewel 1
750:Stream Jewel 1
751:Frost Jewel 1
752:Bolt Jewel 1
753:Dragon Jewel 1
754:Venom Jewel 1
755:Paralyzer Jewel 1
756:Sleep Jewel 1
757:Blast Jewel 1
758:Poisoncoat Jewel 3
759:Paracoat Jewel 3
760:Sleepcoat Jewel 3
761:Blastcoat Jewel 3
762:Powercoat Jewel 3
763:Release Jewel 3
764:Expert Jewel 1
765:Critical Jewel 2
766:Tenderizer Jewel 2
767:Charger Jewel 2
768:Handicraft Jewel 3
769:Draw Jewel 2
770:Destroyer Jewel 2
771:KO Jewel 2
772:Drain Jewel 1
773:Rodeo Jewel 2
774:Flight Jewel 2
775:Throttle Jewel 2
776:Challenger Jewel 2
777:Flawless Jewel 2
778:Potential Jewel 2
779:Fortitude Jewel 1
780:Furor Jewel 2
781:Sonorous Jewel 1
782:Magazine Jewel 2
783:Trueshot Jewel 1
784:Artillery Jewel 1
785:Heavy Artillery Jewel 1
786:Sprinter Jewel 2
787:Physique Jewel 2
788:Flying Leap Jewel 1
789:Refresh Jewel 2
790:Hungerless Jewel 1
791:Evasion Jewel 2
792:Jumping Jewel 2
793:Ironwall Jewel 1
794:Sheath Jewel 1
795:Friendship Jewel 1
796:Enduring Jewel 1
797:Satiated Jewel 1
798:Gobbler Jewel 1
799:Grinder Jewel 1
800:Bomber Jewel 1
801:Fungiform Jewel 1
802:Angler Jewel 1
803:Chef Jewel 1
804:Transporter Jewel 1
805:Gathering Jewel 1
806:Honeybee Jewel 1
807:Carver Jewel 1
808:Protection Jewel 1
809:Meowster Jewel 1
810:Botany Jewel 1
811:Geology Jewel 1
812:Mighty Jewel 2
813:Stonethrower Jewel 1
814:Tip Toe Jewel 1
815:Brace Jewel 3
816:Scoutfly Jewel 1
817:Crouching Jewel 1
818:Longjump Jewel 1
819:Smoke Jewel 1
820:Mirewalker Jewel 1
821:Climber Jewel 1
822:Radiosity Jewel 1
823:Research Jewel 1
824:Specimen Jewel 1
825:Miasma Jewel 1
826:Scent Jewel 1
827:Slider Jewel 1
828:Intimidator Jewel 1
829:Hazmat Jewel 1
830:Mudshield Jewel 1
831:Element Resist Jewel 1
832:Slider Jewel 2
833:Medicine Jewel 1
834:Forceshot Jewel 3
835:Pierce Jewel 3
836:Spread Jewel 3
837:Enhancer Jewel 2
838:Crisis Jewel 1
839:Dragonseal Jewel 3
840:Discovery Jewel 2
841:Detector Jewel 1
842:Maintenance Jewel 1
843:Vigorwasp Delivery
844:Vigorwasp Station
845:Flashfly Cage
846:Thunderbug Cage
847:Shieldspire Taunt
848:Shieldspire Bash
849:Coral Cheerhorn
850:Coral Cheerbongo
853:Meowlotov Assault
855:Mantle 1 (ERROR)
856:Mantle 1 (ERROR)
857:Palico 1 (ERROR)
858:Mantle 2 (ERROR)
863:Torch Pod
864:Bomb Pod
865:Thorn Pod
866:Piercing Pod
867:Dragon Pod
869:Puddle Pod
871:Tailraider Voucher
872:Emerald Shell
873:Gajalaka Sketch
874:Mighty Bow Jewel 2
875:Mind's Eye Jewel 2
876:Shield Jewel 2
877:Sharp Jewel 2
878:Elementless Jewel 2
879:Deviljho Scale
880:Deviljho Hide
881:Deviljho Tallfang
882:Deviljho Talon
883:Deviljho Scalp
884:Deviljho Tail
885:Deviljho Saliva
886:Deviljho Gem
887:Kulve Taroth Golden Scale
888:Kulve Taroth Golden Shell
889:Kulve Taroth Golden Nugget
890:Kulve Taroth Golden Spiralhorn
891:Kulve Taroth Golden Tailshell
892:Kulve Taroth Golden Glimstone
893:Golden Fragment
894:Golden Chunk
895:Lunastra Scale+
896:Lunastra Wing
897:Lunastra Gem
898:Lunastra Carapace
899:Lunastra Mane
900:Lunastra Tail
901:Lunastra Horn
908:Spring Blossom Ticket
909:Summer Twilight Ticket
913:Spring Insect Field Guide
914:Summer Insect Field Guide
915:Vaal Hazak Ticket
916:Kirin Ticket
922:Black Bandage
923:Black Crystal Ticket
924:Kulu-Ya-Ku Ticket
925:Wiggler Ticket
928:Mega Man Ticket
934:Red Orb
935:Master Craftsman's Blueprint
936:Dissolved Weapon
937:Melded Weapon
938:Sublimated Weapon
939:Bushi Ticket
940:Blossom Fireworks
941:Twilight Fireworks
945:Gold Scalebat
946:Gold Helmcrab
947:Shiny Gold Helmcrab
948:Copper Calappa
949:Gold Calappa
952:Gold Chip Fragment
953:Gold Nugget Fragment
963:First Fleet Ticket
The Other Update is my Pointers, which include Max Health and Stamina Capacity (literally). Go ahead abuse it, you little children. Just not online?
- Pointer for Static Buffs
- Pointer for Player Health and Stamina
- Pointer for Hardcoded Max Health / Stamina Cap
- Some Scripts: Modify Capacity Carry of items in pouch.

EDIT: Make sure to use this table's content with the OP Topic's Table, as you need the Anti Tampter script.
Please update your pointer. I need this Health Pointer. pls


What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by bluerthanlou » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:16 pm

is the unlock decoration working?

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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by WarStalkeR » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:41 pm

Modded Bowgun Ammo & Modding Info:
Here is modded Bowgun Ammo file. To avoid potentially breaking the game (i.e. making it unplayable) I've only increased amount of ammo to 20/15/10 (based on ammo type) of the already existent ammo, reduced recoil as much as possible (where it was possible) and set to "Fast" default reload speed of each ammo type for every bowgun. As always, unpack "shell_table.shl_tbl" from "" into "YourMonsterHunterWorldFolder\nativePC\common\equip\shell_table.shl_tbl" and enjoy:
(1.09 KiB) Downloaded 115 times

Bowgun Ammunition File (contains ammo config for Light and Heavy Bowguns). First 6 bytes are header and should be ignored. After header ammunition segments begin. Each ammunition segment is 111 bytes long and contains 37 sub-segments (each 3 bytes long for 35 known and 2 unknown ammo types - these 2 sub-segments are always zero all 3 bytes):
  • Segment 01/02/03 => Normal Ammo 1/2/3
  • Segment 04/05/06 => Pierce Ammo 1/2/3
  • Segment 07/08/09 => Spread Ammo 1/2/3
  • Segment 10/11/12 => Cluster Bomb 1/2/3
  • Segment 13 => Wyvern Ammo
  • Segment 14/15/16 => Sticky Ammo 1/2/3
  • Segment 17 => Slicing Ammo
  • Segment 18 => Flaming Ammo
  • Segment 19 => Water Ammo
  • Segment 20 => Freeze Ammo
  • Segment 21 => Thunder Ammo
  • Segment 22 => Dragon Ammo
  • Segment 23/24 => Poison Ammo 1/2
  • Segment 25/26 => Paralysis Ammo 1/2
  • Segment 27/28 => Sleep Ammo 1/2
  • Segment 29/30 => Exhaust Ammo 1/2
  • Segment 31/32 => Recover Ammo 1/2
  • Segment 33 => Demon Ammo
  • Segment 34 => Armor Ammo
  • Segment 35/36 => Unknown Ammo (???)
  • Segment 37 => Tranquilizer Ammo
Each ammo sub-segment consist from 3 bytes:
  • 1st byte: defines ammunition amount. Using more then 20 (14 in HEX) crashes game to the desktop!
  • 2nd byte: defines ammunition shot type. Tested shot types (in HEX):
    • Normal (Recoil +1) => 00
    • Normal (Recoil +2) => 01 / 02 / 03
    • Normal (Recoil +3) => 04 / 05 / 07 / 0B / 14 / 15 / 18 / 20
    • Normal (Recoil +4) => 06 / 08 / 09 / 0C / 0D / 13 / 19
    • Rapid Fire (Recoil +2) => 1C / 1D / 1E
    • Rapid Fire (Recoil +3) => 1F / 21
    • Follow-Up / Mortar (Recoil +1) => 12
    • Follow-Up / Mortar (Recoil +2) => 0E / 1B
    • Follow-Up / Mortar (Recoil +3) => 0F / 10 / 16 / 17 / 1A
    • Blot Action / Single Shot / Auto-Reload => 0A
    • Wyvern Shot Charge => 11
  • 3rd byte: defines ammunition reload. Tested reload types (in HEX):
    • Fast => 11
    • Normal => 00 / 01 / 0E / 12
    • Slow => 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 0B / 0F / 10
    • Very Slow => 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 0A / 0C / 0D
Since I'm far away from game's end (I haven't even unlocked crafting for tier 4 and above), I can't release modded "shell_table.shl_tbl" where every bowgun can use every ammo type. However, I've attached original "shell_table.shl_tbl" file that anybody can change following my earlier explanation.
(2.12 KiB) Downloaded 101 times

Light/Heavy Bowgun Ammo Modding Tutorial:
First of all, you need Notepad++ to edit text and search for regular expression, and you also need HxD hex editor to edit read/write "shell_table.shl_tbl" file without harming data structure.
  1. Download "" and unpack "shell_table.shl_tbl" to "YourMonsterHunterWorldFolder\nativePC\common\equip\" folder.
  2. Open "shell_table.shl_tbl" with HxD and copy all HEX code into new Notepad++ text file.
  3. For example, you want to change bowgun that has 7x Normal I, 5x Normal II, 4x Normal III, 6x Pierce III, 8x Spread II.
  4. Search in text file via Notepad++ (using regular expression search mode) for "07.[0-F][0-F].[0-F][0-F].05.[0-F][0-F].[0-F][0-F].04.[0-F][0-F].[0-F][0-F].00.[0-F][0-F].[0-F][0-F].00.[0-F][0-F].[0-F][0-F].06.[0-F][0-F].[0-F][0-F].00.[0-F][0-F].[0-F][0-F].08"
  5. Do pay attention that if one or another type of Ammo is missing in the in-game list, you must remember to add 00 into search (just as in example at #4) to follow the sub-segment order.
  6. Also, do follow sub-segments order shown at the very beginning, although Wyvern Ammo is one of the last at in-game list, in segment it goes right after Cluster Bombs.
  7. After you found your bowgun's ammo segment, use earlier explanations as reference to change whatever you want.
  8. After you finished, don't forget to copy HEX text from Notepad++ to HxD and overwrite "shell_table.shl_tbl" file.
  9. Important Notice: Cluster Bombs only work with "Follow-Up / Mortar" shot types. I'm also not sure if you can add Cluster Bombs to Light Bowguns and make them work. And DO NOT set more then 20 ammo for each type - game will crash to the desktop once you will try to use your bowgun.
  10. Now you can go Rambo with your favorite bowgun. Enjoy!
Rambo Mode ONShow
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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by Berserk Knight » Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:10 pm

WarStalkeR wrote:
Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:41 pm
Might I suggest making your own mod thread instead of posting them on a cheat table thread?

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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by PowerToTheVega » Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:44 pm

Berserk Knight wrote:
Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:10 pm
WarStalkeR wrote:
Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:41 pm
Might I suggest making your own mod thread instead of posting them on a cheat table thread?
Wouldn't be a bad idea considering his post will be overlooked 100% of the time the second thread count reaches 110 by majority of members.

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Re: Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by Eternallydissolved » Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:45 pm

WarStalkeR wrote:
Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:41 pm
Bowgun Ammunition File (contains ammo config for Light and Heavy Bowguns). First 6 bytes are header and should be ignored. After header ammunition segments begin. Each ammunition segment is 111 bytes long and contains 37 sub-segments (each 3 bytes long for 35 known and 2 unknown ammo types - these 2 sub-segments are always zero all 3 bytes):
there is a thread dedicated to weapon mods located at

would it be possible for you to post this info there; i would but i do not want to steal your thunder :D
the last post in that thread is asking specifically for the info you have sussed out. One thing i would request you to look into if you feel so inclined would be where the max limitation on armor skills (33) is stored at; assuming it is not a limitation within the engine of course as i would love to be able to change that.

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