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Re: Enter the Gungeon

Post by rhark » Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:43 pm

Fantus wrote:
Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:02 am
rhark wrote:
Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:29 am
Is it possible to make a CE table for the Windows Store version?
The cheat tables should work for the windows store version as does my cheat menu mod
Where do I install your mod exactly? Install directory is much different to the Steam version.


Edit: Found the location but I do not have permission to copy files into the destination or alter them in anyway, I've tried changing permissions etc but Microsoft have really locked them down. The tables also do not work for the WinStore version.

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Re: Enter the Gungeon

Post by shanmince » Sat May 04, 2019 11:31 am

Fantus wrote:
Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:20 am
shanmince wrote:
Sun Apr 14, 2019 6:53 am
GODMODE don't work in current version
It should work, there is a known issue where it gets disabled after opening a chest, if that happens, disable and re-enable it
GODMODE still take damage,reinstall 5 times still like this

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Enter the Gungeon

Post by HenryEx » Sat May 04, 2019 4:57 pm

Yo, i know gungeon mods and in-game cheat menus are all the rage nowadays but i'm bad at coding so i keep to CE's ASM. I made a pretty extensive table, ever since i think ver. 1.0.7, and recently got into the game again and updated it. Tried to keep the options fun, and tried to "order" the table for public use, with colors etc.

  1. Pointer to GameManager and other things to let you look at the player structure and stuff. Here you can edit stuff like:
    • Player health & invulnerability state
    • Consumables like currency & keys
    • Player stats (with a custom script to add multiplicative or additive modifiers to them)
    • Checking out the synergy database (only for display, not changing things)
    • Hunting progress
    • Reward Manager where you can change many things about the loot system, like chest chances per floor, money drops, ammo drop chance etc.
  2. Various cheaty scripts:
    • Unlimited blanks
    • Unlimited ammo
    • No reload
    • Instant charge (for charge weapons)
    • No active item cooldown
    • No damage cap / DPS limiter on bosses
    • Guaranteed mastery token after boss fight
    • No hit penalties on rooms (like less drop chance, less money etc)
    • Guaranteed reward after every room clear
    • Always spawn chest after room clear (this is exclusive with the one above)
    • All chests are Rainbow chests
  3. Various scripts that emulate/change item functions:
    • Uncover the map (also shows secret rooms)
    • Seven Leaf Clover effect
    • Snitch brick shows secret rooms
    • Payday2 loot bag is sturdier (don't lose money on getting hit)
    • Switch weapons with the Metronome without losing the damage bonus
    • Trade more than 1 item per floor with the Rat, or even trade without the Ring of Resourceful Rat
    • Always understand Professor Goopton (just for fun)
    • Change the chance for the Hunter's dog to find items
    • Unlock the Cathedral floor without the crest from Oubliette
  4. Then there's some Miscellaneous Scripts for edge cases:
    • Modify the chance for the caped bulletkin to appear on the next floor (to help with unlocking the Bullet)
    • Display/change the chance for rainbow chests and glitch chests to show up
    • Disable Magnificience (stops good chests from being downgraded to lower quality)
    • On a Rainbow Run, get all items from the chest instead of just one
    • Disable the curse reaper spawn at curse levels 10+
    • Disable the thieving rat
    • Invert the chest rarity for level generation/room rewards (so instead of a 90% brown chest chance, you have a 90% black chest chance and so on)
  5. Change the Paradox character: Run with fixed equipment seeds, or change the random item quality chances, or just define your own starting items! Up to 10 guns/passives and 1 active item.
  6. A script to Get Any Item you want, directly into Player 1's hands. Has a list that's sorted both by category and alphabetically, and a list by internal ID number. Can be used from within the game with hotkeys
  7. Various gimmick scripts for information, when you want to dig into the game data:
    • Script to Get Item Stats/Info on any item in the game (you don't need to have it)
    • Script for pointer to the Currently Held Gun, where you can also change some stuff like shot spread or clip size or infinite ammo and all that
    • Pointer to the Currently highlighted Chest, which lets you quickly see if it's a mimic (:p) and even lets you predict the chest's contents! Now you can see what's in the chest and whether it's worth your key!
    • Unfinished script for the Punchout Fight, but you can still change Player/Rat health values or freeze the timer there.
There's also an extensive list of pre-made Structures to use in the Memory View on all the pointers this table offers, so you can change way more values in the player's structure than the table list shows you.

Via AOB scan, the table SHOULD work on basically any machine, and be decently patch-proof, but it only works on the 64 bit version of EtG. If you're still playing 32 bit, really, what are you doing my man??

Note on colors:
Deep Blue: Some sort of script that holds configurations. Activate to open and see the options. Additionally, category headers with various things in it are deep blue and prefixed with a [->] arrow.
Brown: A pointer address that serves as a header/location for all the entries below it. (Do not change/freeze those) For convenience, some of these are prefixed with a <> sign, which means you can use the arrow keys left/right on those entries to collapse them.
Green: These are movable structure entries. Drag and drop them onto a brown pointer entry to see the values behind it (in the loot chances for floors 1-5, for example)
Teal: These are simple scripts, just activate/freeze them to get the effect.
Red: These are sub-options for certain scripts that require your input to work. For example, the entries on the "Get Any Item" script need you to enter an item ID and set the "Try to add item" entry to Yes.

Here's the download link for the table, which i keep updated whenever i add something new:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tqL7k ... h8C9sppHI0

Alternatively, download the current version (20190529) from the attachment.
For ETG v2.1.9, 29-05-2019
(903.16 KiB) Downloaded 1929 times
If you come up with any other fun ideas for scripts, let me know.

UPDATE (29-05-2019)
  • Fixed the Paradox script and the Gun Info script to work with v2.1.9, and updated some offsets. Rest should still work.
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Enter the Gungeon

Post by HenryEx » Sat May 04, 2019 5:06 pm

Maybe a word on the "Add Stat Modifier" script, to change the player stats permanently, since just overwriting the values doesn't really work:
Some stats are flat values, like health, coolness, curse, movement speed and so on. It's best to use an Additive stat change on those. You can also add negative values, like -10 curse for example, to decrease your curse.
Some stats are multipliers, like damage, shot spread, range, charge speed etc.. You should use a Multiplicative modifier on those. Use a multiplicative modifier of 2 on Projectile Speed to make your shots twice as fast, or use a multiplicative modifier of 0.5 on Shot Spread to make your guns twice as accurate (reduces spread by half).

Check your current stats. If the stat starts at 1, it's probably a multiplier. If it starts at 0 or some other whole number, it's probably a flat number.

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Re: Enter the Gungeon

Post by Fantus » Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:24 am

Our cheat has confirmed to be working with the epic games store version
To download look back through the posts for the latest version or join our discord server also in prevouse release post

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Novice Cheater
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Re: Enter the Gungeon

Post by Fantus » Tue Jul 02, 2019 6:00 am

I am proud to announce the new update for the cheat menu along with the release of our new installer
To get the new cheat
1. Uninstall previous versions of the cheat by running the uninstaller
2. Make sure your Enter the Gungeon folder is back to factory version by running the game and making sure the cheat is no longer there
3. Download the .zip file attached
4. Unzip anywhere and run the .exe
5. Select cheat installation location
6. Click install and wait
7. Run game to confirm it works


1. Added cheat disable DPS cap - Go to the first chamber - Enable - Reload first chamber using level select cheat

2. Added Shop cheats

3. TO USE - Go into current floor's shop, click button get shop references this button will go green if it finds a shop then use any of the cheats below
You will have to re-activate references when a new shop is discovered even if on the same floor
Cheats work for ALL shops, not just the main shop

4. Free shop - Sets the price of all shop items to 0

5. Max steal chance - Sets your steal chance to maximum
This chance will decrease with every item stolen (as usual) Until re-enabled
Beware that stealing increases curse and if it gets too high it will summon the super reaper and cause the shopkeeper to flee
However, you can use the player stats cheats to set the curse level back down

6. Refresh shop - Refreshes the items in the shops (and maybe other stuff)
The shop will no longer be able to refresh after buying an item from it - We are looking into fixing it

Fixed godmode disabling on chest open
Fixed Infinite ammo all giving starter guns ammo

password: frf
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Re: Enter the Gungeon

Post by Fantus » Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:35 am

Installer Quickfix to issue a user had

password: frf
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Re: Enter the Gungeon

Post by Lord Blade » Sat Sep 07, 2019 4:10 pm

Is there any sort of cheat for the Rat boss? Specifically the Punch Out section which I suck horribly at. lol

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