Grim Dawn + All DLC's

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Grim Dawn + All DLC's

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[QUOTE="fantomas, post: 138547, member: 1587"]


Did you, at least, try the current table with that new version (I guess is 1.7.0), before asking for an update? If yes, then what does work and what does not?

[B][COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]Edit[/COLOR][/B]

I just checked x32 version and in my case, only these 3 scripts had needed a minor fix, nothing big to deal.

[CODE] Changes in 1.7.0 x32

- Minor fix in 'NoBuyItemRequirement (Buy an item with 0 money in Market)' script

- Minor fix in 'No Skill Cooldown' script

- Minor fix in 'Increase Attributs Points' script[/CODE]

[CODE] Changes in 1.7.0 x64

- Minor fix in 'NoBuyItemRequirement (Buy an item with 0 money in Market)' script[/CODE]

Tables updated


Thanks a bunch!

How to use this cheat table?
  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1

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Grim Dawn + All DLC's

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Skill cooldown and inf. mana don't work both in x32. Steam, license.
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Grim Dawn + All DLC's

Post by puma123456 »

Cheers for the Latest cheat table. Would it be possible to add Free crafting in the table?

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Grim Dawn + All DLC's

Post by evil_befall »

Seems not everything works in the table

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Grim Dawn + All DLC's

Post by MSoniSama »

Could we get an update for Hotfix-2. Some stuff doesn't work like max stack.

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Re: Grim Dawn + All DLC's

Post by StinVec »

MSoniSama wrote:
Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:57 pm
Could we get an update for Hotfix-2. Some stuff doesn't work like max stack.
I am using fantomas's (x64) table on the Hotfix-2 game version and I noticed some things no longer working for me as well, though mostly the "Increase XX Points" that cause a crash whenever one of those points gets increased via in-game actions. However, as those options only cause the points to increase when one is spent instead of decrease, I instead just use the "Give 1 XX Point" versions of those options so I always have unlimited points, so I don't even need these personally.
- Increase Skill Points
- Increase Attribute Points
- Increase Modifier Points
- Increase Devotion Points

XP options may also cause a crash when gaining any XP, as well as the Add Money (market) option, but I cannot recall if I set those options aside while testing to find what was causing the above crash or if they also caused crashes. Will test them again soon. I also use GD Defiler to alter my save games to set the characters at whatever level I want them to be and never really use the XP options. I also never really needed the Add Money option so money increased instead of decreased when buying something due to using the No Buy Item Requirement and/or 9,999,999 Money Hover options though.
- XP Gain Multiplier
- Get Max EXP Points
- Add money (Market)

I also noticed that, while "Get Total Player Faction Points" works great for making every friendly faction max out upon gaining XP with that faction, it also seemed to think that Eldritch Horrors are a friendly faction and caused them to go max friendly. As they are friendly and not able to be attacked, I can't kill them other than through retaliation damage that reflects their attacks back at them. I'm trying to work out altering just them to be negative again (or even to get all enemy factions to go max negative) and then only enable the Faction option when a new friendly faction is encountered on a game, then max them and turn it off.
- Get Total Player Faction Points

However, the max item stack option you noted not working for you is still working for me though I am using a slightly altered old version of fantomas's code for it and not their current code. In addition to using an old version of their code for that option, I also changed the max stack to be 98 instead of the 50 the current code has it at so it gets as max amount as it can get without causing a new stack to be created upon looting something. I did this primarily to double how long before I need to split/refill the stack.

You can duplicate the current max item stack entry in your table (highlight option, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, OK) and then right-click the copied option and click 'Change script' and replace the code in the new window with this to see if it works for you:

Code: Select all

//Game: Grim Dawn + All DLC's
//Version: v1.1.1.1

define(bytes,89 8F 5C 07 00 00)



  mov ecx,#98
//mov ecx,[rdi+00000760]  //0x760 - maxItemValue { 100 }

  mov [rdi+0000075C],ecx  //0x75C - currentItemValue
  jmp return

  jmp newmem

  db bytes
  // mov [rdi+0000075C],ecx


// ORIGINAL CODE - INJECTION POINT: Game.GAME::Item::IncrementStack+3F

"Game.dll"+25E9BE: 48 8B F9                       -  mov rdi,rcx
"Game.dll"+25E9C1: FF 90 80 05 00 00              -  call qword ptr [rax+00000580]
"Game.dll"+25E9C7: 8B 8F 5C 07 00 00              -  mov ecx,[rdi+0000075C]
"Game.dll"+25E9CD: 03 CB                          -  add ecx,ebx
"Game.dll"+25E9CF: 3B C8                          -  cmp ecx,eax
"Game.dll"+25E9D1: 76 0C                          -  jna Game.dll+25E9DF
"Game.dll"+25E9D3: 2B C8                          -  sub ecx,eax
"Game.dll"+25E9D5: 89 0E                          -  mov [rsi],ecx
"Game.dll"+25E9D7: 89 87 5C 07 00 00              -  mov [rdi+0000075C],eax
"Game.dll"+25E9DD: EB 06                          -  jmp Game.dll+25E9E5
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
"Game.dll"+25E9DF: 89 8F 5C 07 00 00              -  mov [rdi+0000075C],ecx
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
"Game.dll"+25E9E5: 8B 87 5C 07 00 00              -  mov eax,[rdi+0000075C]
"Game.dll"+25E9EB: 48 8B 5C 24 30                 -  mov rbx,[rsp+30]
"Game.dll"+25E9F0: 48 8B 74 24 38                 -  mov rsi,[rsp+38]
"Game.dll"+25E9F5: 89 87 DC 05 00 00              -  mov [rdi+000005DC],eax
"Game.dll"+25E9FB: B0 01                          -  mov al,01
"Game.dll"+25E9FD: 48 83 C4 20                    -  add rsp,20
"Game.dll"+25EA01: 5F                             -  pop rdi
"Game.dll"+25EA02: C3                             -  ret
"Game.dll"+25EA03: CC                             -  int 3
"Game.dll"+25EA04: CC                             -  int 3
What other options are not working for you and which version of the table are you using (32/64)?

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Re: Grim Dawn + All DLC's

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