Metal Slug 3 (2014) +8 Table w/AOB

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Metal Slug 3 (2014) +8 Table w/AOB

Post by STN » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:56 am

Made by jungletek

Saw that STN did a table for this already(nice work and speed!), but that it seems to be currently needing adjustments, and may not have the same options (I don't recall, and didn't check Wink). So, I thought I'd share this.

It was fun designing, writing, and getting this to work as intended. I learned a few 'more advanced' AA techniques that I plan to use in the future, and it was a rewarding challenge. I tried to comment and organize the script logically in the hopes that someone might find some educational usage for it (not that it's a shining example of anything special, and there's probably room for improvement).

I welcome suggestions for improvement, and will consider polite requests for additions.

Edit 1: Realized I uploaded the wrong version of the script initially. It should work fine, but it has extra pointers and other 'working' entries in the table.

Infinite Lives
Infinite Ammo
Infinite Bombs
Infinite Vehicle Ammo
Infinite Vehicle Cannon / Bombs
Weapon Selector
Infinite Time


Metal Slug 3 (2014)

Table & Code by jungletek

Table Version: 1.0 (Feb/20/2014)

Game Version: 2.01

Invincibility (Toggle) = NUM_0

Shotgun = NUM_1
Rocket Launcher = NUM_2
Flamethrower = NUM_3
Heavy Machinegun = NUM_4
Laser = NUM_5
Super Shotgun = CTRL + NUM_1
Super Rocket Launcher = CTRL + NUM_2
Super Flamethrower = CTRL + NUM_3
Super Heavy Machinegun = CTRL + NUM_4
Super Laser = CTRL + NUM_5
Enemy Chaser = NUM_6
Iron Lizard = NUM_7
Drop Shot = NUM_8
Super Grenade = NUM_9
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Re: Metal Slug 3 (2014) +8 Table w/AOB

Post by headshot0052 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:40 am

update pls,all weapons dont work.

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Re: Metal Slug 3 (2014) +8 Table w/AOB

Post by asdfgh789 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:40 am

every option works fine on latest steam version of game but i did not try all weapon choosing script yeah maybe some update on weapon choosing script

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