Bound By Flame

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Bound By Flame

Post by STN » Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:31 pm

Made by Csimbi

Pretty nice game so far and it runs fairly well on this slow PC.
Made a table with an AOB script in it.
Might work (or crash) with different versions.

The script provides:
- Infinite health; not god mode as excessive damage can still kill you.
- Infinite mana.
- Infinite ammo; requires one to begin with.
- Infinite skill points; requires the amount you want to spend (won't give you more).
- Infinite feat points; requires the amount you want to spend (won't give you more).
- Minimum gold; just open the inventory to trigger.
- Stack size manager; hold CTRL while flipping to an inventory page and all items on the page coming up will be increased (if needed).
- Weight limiter; just change something in your inventory (e.g. craft) to trigger.
- Gold pickup multiplier.
- XP gain multiplier.
- Item mods (attack speed, damage, critical chance are included for now); you'll need to re-equip items after loading saves to force recalculations as the stats are only temporary. It seems that there are some built-in caps; so increasing attack speed very high won't do anything. Also, if you set the damage too high, some scripted monsters (typically, bosses) won't play along the script properly, so you might get stuck. Save often to avoid this.
BoundByFlame (1).ct
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Re: Bound By Flame

Post by Gvaz » Fri Jul 05, 2019 12:38 am

Got a "stream read error" on this one...

EDIT: Firefox was marking it as a virus

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