Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1.14

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Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.1.14

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Here's a table for the fangame Sonic Robo Blast 2. This is for the 2.1.14 version. It includes...

* Single-player score, time, ring, life, continue, Emerald Token, and Chaos Emerald counts.
* Shield editing and their powers.
* NiGHTS Mode score, time, Sphere, Link count, and Turbo Boost.
* Just about every unlockable menu option, from the SRB1 remake to Pandora's Box... and then some!
* Edit your Statistics (play time and what levels are shown in said screen).
* ALL 160 EMBLEMS can be unlocked in one go.
* Various Timers can be edited, including power-up and ability variants.
* Random Variables and some Console-related stuff, including the ability to use console commands and NOT be flagged for it.
Vice verse also works (setting values for console-related cheats & still not be flagged for it).
* Support for The Mystic Realm total conversion, found at:

Changelog History for Sonic Robo Blast 2 Cheat Table found at:

Table for SRB2 2.1.12:
+ Support for "The Mystic Realm" total conversion.
Has its own Unlockable, Statistic, and Emblem categories.
Support for version 4.6, found here:

+ While fooling around with text, I figured to keep string values for the version number area, just because.
* The main game Unlock, Stat, and Emblem categories are under a "Vanilla SRB2" header, in order to separate that from "Mystic Realm".
+ Added "KillingDead" toggle (simulates a glitch found on the original SRB).
+ Added Scale percentage. (Finally!!!)

* Base address changes.
* Chaos Emerald value is now by bit, as a header, so you can edit each one. Made it easier for some this way.
* Added a hotkey similar to giving self invincibility/speed-up to the underwater timer: now the music resets back to normal.
(Actually, it's to the BGM Silencer...)
* Ultimate Mode is now a header; you can also edit map state. Header involves what is shown on the Data Select.
Map State is now here so that you can play a regular game and change map mode at will.

Table for SRB2 2.1.11:
* Base address changes.
* Made the Ring/Sphere HUD entry a header (Actual/Pointer is its child).

Table for SRB2 2.1.10:
* Offsets. Nothing but offset static addresses.
* Aesthetic changes in the Table and Comments.

Table for SRB2 2.1.8:
(Seems what I did earlier inspired me to do some hotkey work.)
+ Hotkeys (Control & NumRow):
1 :: Add 10,000 Points.
2 :: Reset Time to 0:00.00. (Used the Nights Mode Time address for this one...)
3 :: Give 9,999 Rings.
4 :: Give 99 Lives.
5 :: Give 8 Continues.
6 :: Give all Chaos Emeralds.
7 :: Nights: Add 100,000 Points.
8 :: Nights: Reset Dream Time.
9 :: Nights: All Powerups at Once.
0 :: Nights: 1,000 Link.
- :: Nights: Infinite Turbo.
+ :: Game's Never Modified.
+ Hotkeys (Control & NumPad):
1 :: Give Invincibility. (This time, it also plays the music, thanks to editing the Silence BGM variable.)
2 :: Give Super Sneakers. (Likewise.)
3 :: Reset Underwater Timer.
4 :: Reset Space Air Timer.
5 :: Give Gravity Boots.
0 :: End Current Level.
-/+ :: Tunes Control. (Changes Tune Number AND plays it using the Silence BGM variable.)
+ Edited Table Information: Added hotkey and Tunes info.
+ Variable: Tunes. Used in conjunction with the 1-Up Level BGM Silence Timer, you can choose any song in the game without having to type in the 'tunes' command in the console.
+ Hotkeys:
Ctrl + Num+ :: Increases TUNES value by 1.
Ctrl + Num- :: Decreases TUNES value by 1.
Ctrl + Num2 :: Sets 1-Up Level BGM Silence to 5.
(The above is all for Tunes Selection.)
* Did a different method of sorting for Emblems and Level Grades: by Act. Was done to save a few kilobytes... :|
* NiGHTS Mode Power-up Timers have been moved to a Timers sub-category within the NiGHTS Mode section, renamed its 'Timer' (the one in the top-center of the HUD) to 'Dream Countdown'.
+ Timer: 1-Up Level BGM Silence. Whenever you gain an extra life, you can now tell the game to cut the 1-Up jingle and go right back to the level's music. (Set & Freeze to 1.)
+ More values in description for DevMode. It apparently goes all the way to 4095 and not just 2!
+ Cheat Mode: NoTarget. Uses the same byte for health and NoClip modes (this uses bit 4). This is the 'Somebody Else's Problem' field: no enemies can see you.
+ More values in description for Character's Ability. You can be like Silver, apparently? Telekinesis exists...
+ Variables: Number of Times Game Was Cleared. Essentially an unlock variable. It counts the times you cleared the game in general, with all Chaos Emeralds, and in Ultimate Mode.

Table for SRB2 2.1.4:
+ Nights Mode Power Timers: Super Paraloop, Helper, and Link Freeze.
* Renamed a few things: removed the word Zone in the Zone names, as they're redundant.

Table for SRB2 2.1.2:
Initial table.

Please note that this table works for single-player ONLY. Yes, the time hotkey might work, but you'll eventually be hit with server sync issues.
Also note that the Tunes control will NOT work in multiplayer.


An added bonus for the Logitech G keyboard users: I've made a profile for the table's hotkeys. There are 20 hotkeys, but only 18 G-Keys on the G510s, so TUNES is still mapped to Control-Num- and Control-Num+.
It can be found here:

Made by AskaLangly

How to use this cheat table?
  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1
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