Rogue Legacy 1.2.0b (Steam 2014-07-05) AOB

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Rogue Legacy 1.2.0b (Steam 2014-07-05) AOB

Post by STN » Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:11 pm

Made by jgoemat

The new .NET features in 6.4 were really helpful.

First activate the top three scripts (globals and two IMPORTANT ones). Then you can enable the cheats that you want by setting the value to 1. You must go back and unpause the game for the player and stats pointers to be loaded by those two scripts, then you can edit the values under "+ Stats" (the table entries with a '+' in front of them can be expanded).

The first row under "+ Stats" that says "+ Class, Traits, Spells" will expand to let you edit those values. Double-click on "<script>" to the right to see the values I've found.

The two unlock scripts near the bottom will unlock all equipment and runes respectively for you, make sure you enable and disable them. The enable writes the code to memory and the disable creates a thread that runs the code.

The other scripts might require some action before they can be enabled. For instance something must take damage before the Damage script can be enabled, and you have to enter a room with a platform before that script can be enabled.

The Kill Enemies script will kill up to ten enemies per second of the types you set to 1 that normally cannot be killed (turrets, bouncy spikes, spike traps)


Infinite MP - all the mana you need
Health - maintain full health
Undead - you take damage, but don't go below 1 health
One Hit Kill - enemies die no matter how much damage you do
Platform Timer - platforms never collapse
Infinite Multi-jump - jump all you want (prevents flying)
Infinite Flight Time - just what it says
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Re: Rogue Legacy 1.2.0b (Steam 2014-07-05) AOB

Post by nerke » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:15 am

Please mate update this great cheat table

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