Space Colony HD

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Space Colony HD

Post by STN » Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:59 am

Hi all,
here's a table I made for the release,
Won't work with other versions because it's not an AOB table.

- bEnableCreditsHack: Infinite credits (1:On, 0: Off); set iDesiredCredits: to the minimum value you want.
- bEnableOxygenHack: Infinite oxygen (1:On, 0: Off); set iDesiredOxygen to the minimum value you want.
- bEnableEnergyHack: Infinite energy (1:On, 0: Off); set iDesiredEnergy to the minimum value you want.
- *bEnableFinancialNeedHack: Max out financial needs.
- *bEnableEntertainmentNeedHack: Max out entertainment need.
- *bEnableHumanContactNeedHack: Max out need for human contact.
- *bEnableFoodNeedHack: Max out the need for food.
- *bEnableSleepNeedHack: Max out the need for sleep.
- *bEnableHygeneNeedHack: Max out hygiene needs.
- *bEnableHealthNeedHack: Max out healing needs. This also controls invincibility, which includes units and buildings as well. Won't cure infection, though, just max health.
- bEnableShiftTimerHack: The shift timer is kept on 0 (so people can work 24/7 if need be).
- bEnableWeakEnemyHack: When enemy units receive damage, their health is set to 1 (needs only two shots to kill).
- bEnableFriendshipHack: This will max out friendship with everyone on the base for the current person. Select the person, and click on the chair (to Manage Friendships); when the dialog opens, all relationships will be maxed out. At that point, you can use the PGDN key to quickly apply this to all team members.
- Selected character's skills: This contains all skills for the selected person; tick the box to open it up. The skill names are self-explanatory. The max for a skill is 5. Setting it to 6 causes it to disappear. You can set one or more skills for all persons quickly by setting the skill(s) you want to 5, freezing it in the table, going back to the game and flipping through everyone using the PGDN key.

Note: entries marked with * above trigger when the person has a need. If it's already at minimum, it won't trigger.

If I remember correctly, everything is enabled (set to 1, that is) by default.

Well, that's it.
Nice game, I'm glad it was released in HD.
My only wish would be the ability to zoom in and out though...

This is a game I tried to hack in the past (many years ago) - using TSearch - but I could not. CE's advanced capabilities allowed me to do just that. Cool!

Made by Csimbi
Space Colony.CT
(22.78 KiB) Downloaded 431 times

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Space Colony HD

Post by therax » Mon Jun 03, 2019 9:51 pm

Its a longshot but im wondering if anyone could update this to work on steam edition plaease?
Always liked this one over all the other trainers of the options.

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Re: Space Colony HD

Post by Mudvayne2011 » Sat Aug 03, 2019 3:55 am

Yeah...I feel this is going to be a long shot, but would love a version of this table for the Steam Version of the game too. :)

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