Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+95]

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Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+95]

Post by Raynard »

Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key Steam

Code: Select all

Genre:			Exploration/Collectathon/Female/JRPG
Release:		24 Mar, 2023
Process:		Atelier_Ryza_3.exe
Build:			Ver.1.21/Build.10869822
CheatEngine:		7.50/Open to public for free

I've completed game until last so don't have much interest in updating.

All scripts will remain compatible with upgrade, so only report problems when you have.

One Hit Kill
Stealth Mode
Difficulty changer
Enemy always stun
Shop Item Changer
Stop time progression
Set Extend Equip Bonus
Additional Growth Points
Alchemy quality/attribute
Instant Action/Romy Quest
Maximize a lot of functions
Set SP/Set Traits ID/Effect ID
Enemy status becomes weakest
EXP/Damage/Growth Multiplier
Unlock all characters/attributes
Item and Character Stats/Highlight
Battle Ally Stats/View detail screen
Infinite HP/Order Drive/Food Timer
Infinite Secret and Hollow key usable
No Loss in Quest/Synthesis/Pristine Key
Increases when SP is consumed (Skill Tree)
Send gather items directly to the container
Core related value CC+/Recovery/Boost/Dec WT/Dec Cost

Added New:
Infinite Landmark Gauge

Confirmation of available
Item DropdownList by CASK
DropdownList Changer by topia
Item Highlight in synthesis by ichigoned
Japanese IDChinese IDKorean ID by mahopenguin
Effect DropdownList Time InformationParsed Data by fearlessfan1
Effect DropdownList Easy quest completion Traits ID and Cheat Table by zachillios
Element and attributes Some effect for skill tree Traits and CC Information by variante

Other Tables:

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Previous Versions
V4 Added 6 scripts
(425.02 KiB) Downloaded 791 times
V3 Added 3 scripts
(420.1 KiB) Downloaded 157 times
V2 Added 6 scripts
(413.23 KiB) Downloaded 483 times
V1.5 Added Fressher's Shop Item Changer
(374.75 KiB) Downloaded 574 times
Initial Release for Ver.1.10
(368.56 KiB) Downloaded 111 times
V28 Last Update for 1.00
(368.6 KiB) Downloaded 670 times

How to use this cheat table?
  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1
Initial Release for Ver.1.21
(424.15 KiB) Downloaded 4257 times
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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key

Post by Casanova »

Whew that is fast. Thanks for the mods

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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+14]

Post by CASK »

Should be all the current items and IDs

Code: Select all

0:Clean Water
1:Goats Milk
2:Water Bamboo
3:Plant Essence
4:Roteswasser Tonic
5:Rapwar Water
6:Foamy Water
7:Jade Water
8:Ancient Blue Water
9:Curious Aqua
10:Black Water
11:Nameless Grass
12:Wasser Wheat
13:Dry Grass
14:Hill Lettuce
15:Blue Herb
17:Chomping Grass
18:Sweet Leaf
19:Ancient Branch
21:Glowing Diatom
22:Lucky Clover
23:Blue Clover
24:Light Absorbing Grass
25:Rosen Leaf
27:Ancient Uni
28:Water Uni
29:Charcoal Uni
30:Gold Uni
31:Demon Uni
32:Emporer Uni
33:Health Flower
34:Northen Wind Flower
35:Sunny Honey Flower
36:Bubble Grass
37:Stained Flower
38:Caged Flower
39:Spring Princess
40:Soul Flower
41:Rose Crystal
42:Delphi Rose
43:Polar Cactus
46:Tall Taun
47:Sapling Branch
48:Medicinal Moss
49:Fertile Soil
50:Dry Incense
51:Bitter Root
52:Crimson Grass
53:Earth's Secret Oils
54:Sage Grass
55:Life Leaf
56:Refueling Extract
57:Yugdore Water
58:Stinky Trash
59:Musroom Powder
60:Mispel Seed
61:Resentful Scream
62:Blessing Of Delusion
63:Dragon Flower
64:Demon Blood
65:Forest Sage
66:Amamiya's Tears
67:Sol Flower
69:Soft Sand
70:Burning Sand
71:Corail Saber
72:Polluted Humus
73:Emerald Glass
74:Seafloor Soil
75:Black Muck
76:Vortex Sand
77:Glittering Sand
78:Eroded Stone
79:Nectar Rock
81:Waterside Moss Stone
82:Ethereal Stone
83:Ancient Pillar
84:Coral Stone
85:Breeze Stone
87:Blue Flame Riverstone
88:Hot Saltpeter
90:Crimson Ore
91:Aqua Ore
92:Lightning Ore
93:Wind Ore
94:Amatite Ore
95:Lumious Rock
99:Degenesis Stone
102:Eternal Crystal
103:Small Crystals
104:Unknown Gemstone
105:Glowing Coral
106:White Shell Pearl
107:Black Shell Pearl
108:Amber Fragment
109:Amber Crystal
110:Three-Colored Stone
111:Clear Branch
112:Holy Arbor Crystal
113:Underworld Crystal
114:Black Glitter Stone
115:Rainbow Gemstone
116:Dried Lumber
117:Flint Pepper
118:Explosive Vine
119:Flaming Black Sand
120:Magma Powder
121:Scrap Paper
122:Flammable Bark
123:Palma Bark
124:Fuel Coconut
125:Natural Oil
126:Amber Oil
127:Fire and Ice Crystal
128:Eternal Fire
129:Beast Meat
130:Fresh Meat
131:Some Kind of Egg
132:Oil Tree Fruit
133:Nectar Fruit
134:Wild Potato
136:Red Devil
138:Red King Apple
139:Skull Pumpkin
140:Venom Nut
141:Palma Fruit
142:Fresh Berry
143:Werder Nut
144:Kurken Fruit
145:Fortune Fruit
146:Rainbow Grapevine
147:Summer Gem
150:Silver Beehive
151:Gold Beehive
152:Bee Haven
155:Mushroom Colony
158:Jellyfish Mushroom
159:Stool of Nature
160:Dusk Mushroom
161:Danger Mushroom
162:Jewel Mushroom
163:Golden Crown
168:Pretty Shells
170:Uni Starfish
172:Rainbow Fish
173:Mace Fish
175:Myria Fish
176:Lake Master
177:Dragonpalace Nautilus
178:Crown Shellfish
179:Imperial Fish
180:Seven Stars
181:Honey Ant
182:Narwhal Grasshopper
183:Lantern Fly
184:Rose Bee
185:Giant Beetle
186:Baby Wyrm
187:Crimson Cloak
188:Spirit Isopod
189:Amber Fly
190:Lapis Papillion
192:Ancient Bug
193:Rock Schloss
194:Restraint Silk
195:Cotton Grass
196:Tough Vine
197:Arbor Ivy
198:Queen Spider Web
199:Hug of Arachne
201:Tough Log
202:Mossy Driftwood
203:Holy Arbor Branch
205:Fossil Tree
206:Miasma Log
207:Lightning Tree
208:Ancient Log
209:Millenial Tree
210:Wing Plant
211:Smoke Signal Rose
212:Crispy Mushroom
213:Sky Bubble
214:Rotwood Miasma
215:Water Holy Branch
216:Dragon Breath
217:Fairy Stone Fragment
218:Dark Crystal Fragment
219:Holy Stone Fragment
220:Rainbow Wing Fragment
221:Magic Tome Piece
222:Old Magic Tome
223:Holy Tree Leaf
224:Mystic Sphere
225:Ancient Fossil
226:Forever Ice Block
227:Decayed Iron Pieces
228:Rusted Sword
229:Broken Tools
230:Liquid Metal
231:Ancient Sword
232:Blue Puniball
233:Green Puniball
234:Red Puniball
235:Black Puniball
236:Silver Puniball
237:Gold Puniball
238:Animal Hide
239:Mythical Hide
240:Large Bone
241:Beast Fossil
242:Water Beast Fossil
243:Water Beast Scale
244:Cave Bat Wing
245:White Swallow's Nest
246:Beast Fin
247:Beast Shell
248:Beast Scales
249:Giant Bird Feather
250:Giant Bird Egg
251:Goat Horn
252:Demon Claws
253:Fluffy Wool
254:Poison Needle
255:Dragon Wing
256:Dragon Egg
257:Dragon Eye
258:Dragon Bone
259:Dragon Meat
260:Guardian Armor
261:Heroic Spirit
262:Giant Puniball
263:Fairy Horn Adornment
264:Giant Claws
265:Golem Core
266:Inverted Scale
267:Ether Claw
268:Imp's Lost Item
269:Elemental Force
270:Twisted Thorns
271:Curved Long Nails
272:Running Beast Crest
273:Phantom Color Tail
274:Wolf Beast's Blade
275:Iridescent Mucus
276:Scintilla Ore
277:Lujada's Fairystone
278:Pink Puniball
279:Giant Kurken Fruit
280:Cow Milk
292:Thick Reference Book
293:Giant Claws
294:White Swallow's Nest
295:Water Beast Scale
296:Mythical Hide
297:Dragon Meat
298:Heroic Spirit
299:Dragon Wing
300:Demon Claws
301:Demon Bone
302:Dragon Eye
303:Spirit Catalysts
304:Ether Core
305:Spirit Catalysts
306:Guiding Bird Feather
307:Gnade Ring
308:Phantom Scarf
309:Chick Doll
310:Myria Fish
311:Fairystone Pendant
312:Spring Princess
313:Energy Pendant
314:Fairy Doll
315:Puni Doll
316:Farm Photo
317:Rainbow Fish
318:Countryside Photo
319:Small Devil Doll
320:Photo of the Capital
321:Weasel Doll
322:Pumpkin Doll
323:Uni Charm
326:Poisonous Liquid
327:Light Absorbing Grass
328:Black Muck
329:The Grim Reaper
330:Explosive Uni
333:Ice Bomb
336:Trio Craft
337:Anemo Bomb
338:Melting Ice Bomb
339:Lia Plajig
340:Edel Luft
341:Lunar Lamp
342:Astro Rose
345:Himmel Feather
346:Forbidden Spellbook
347:Zwei Resonance
348:Cross Judgement
349:Sourcebook of Acacia
360:Grass Beans
361:Dry Biscuit
364:Hermit Ointment
365:Fairy Elixir
366:Mist of Silence
367:Golden Heart
368:Mythic Nectar
369:Eternal Holy Grail
380:Fish Oil
381:War Powder
383:Fake Bouquet
384:Prison of Decline
385:Haze Breath
386:Barbaric Horn Whistle
387:Depiction of a Devil
388:Mystic Robe
389:Miracle Ebonyal
390:Hourglass of Origin
391:Astronomical Clock
392:Cantera of Calamity
393:Prelude of the Gods
394:Call of Abyss
405:Grass Sickle
406:Silent Sickle
407:Woodcutter's Axe
408:Golden Axe
410:Ravage Hammer
411:Fishing Rod
412:Divine Fishing Rod
413:Catcher's Net
414:Master Catcher's Net
415:Wind Shoes
416:Emerald Band
417:Air Drop
418:Summoner's Bell
429:Red Neutralizer
430:Blue Neutralizer
431:Yellow Neutralizer
432:Green Neutralizer
433:Rainbow Neutralizer
435:Berry Syrup
437:Devil's Breath
438:Puppet Liquid
439:Super Pure Water
440:Traveler's Water Orb
441:Medica Powder
442:Doctor's Bottle
443:Holy Drop
444:Taboo Drop
446:Reinforced Zettel
447:Pearl Crystal
450:Waking Emerald
451:Arc en Ciel
452:Dark Glittering Oval
453:Nitro Chips
454:Donour Powder
455:Blue Flame Ember
456:Mixing Oil
457:Flint Charcoal
458:Colorful Oil
459:Solid Ice Fuel
460:Feather Draft
465:Grand Orgen
466:Alchemy Fibers
467:Himmel Schulwa
468:Eternal Firo
470:Bestial Air
471:Sorcery Rose
472:Royal Cloth
473:Sage Coat
474:Puni Leather
475:Master Leather
476:Dread Leather
477:Grace Nero
478:Philosopher's Stone
479:Olden Philosopher's Stone
480:Honey Crystal
481:Glass Flower
482:Wind Crystal Ball
483:Growing Quartz
484:Spirit Bottle
485:Crystal Element
486:Poisonous Liquid
487:The Grim Reaper
488:Polishing Powder
489:Rose Perfume
490:Spring Wind Pinwheel
491:Luft Atomizer
492:Exotic Lantern
493:Four Seasons Dome
494:Magna Mater
495:Polishing Sand
496:Marble Stone
497:Eternal Monolith
498:Plant Seeds
499:Stone Seeds
500:Fire Seeds
501:Water Seeds
502:Mystic Seeds
503:Poison Seeds
504:Golden Seeds
505:Iridescent High-Purity Mucus
506:Fairystone Compass
507:Scintilla Glass
508:Lujada Crystals
509:Glass Goblet
510:Fairystone Pendant
525:Hollow Key
526:The Starting Key
527:Castle Door Key
528:Blockade Key
529:Key of Honor
530:Pristine Key
531:Red Stone Key
532:Blue Stone Key
533:Yellow Stone Key
534:Green Stone Key
535:Red Iron Key
536:Blue Iron Key
537:Orange Iron Key
538:Jade Iron key
539:White Silver Key
540:Golden Key
541:Rainbow Key
542:Red Wing Key
543:Blue Wing Key
544:Life Wing Key
545:Leaf Wing Key
546:Scarlet Wing Key
547:Cloud Wing Key
548:Wing Key
549:Tree Wing Key
550:Firebird Key
551:Phoenix Key
552:Phantom Wing Key
553:Fire Gear Key
554:Water Gear Key
555:Gear Key
556:Wind Gear Key
557:Fire Clock Key
558:Water Clock Key
559:Hourglass Key
560:Gear Gimmick Key
561:Key to the Future
562:Key to the Past
563:Key of All Times
564:Key of Bright Sky
565:Key of Blue Sky
566:Key of Twilight Sky
567:Key of Night Sky
568:Scarlet Key
569:Dark Star Key
570:Bright Star Key
571:Meteor Key
572:Great Heavens Key
573:Moon Shadow Key
574:Soul Cradle Key
575:Key of Truth
576:Key of the End
577:Shining Key
590:Alchemist's Staff
591:Svate Rod
592:Celestial Seeker
593:Sparkling Reverie
594:Agnes Luce
595:Ciel Shoot
596:Yale Shoot
599:Astral Regalia
600:Smite Blade
601:Sword of Rupture
602:Lord Guardian
603:Demon Ender
604:Liese Divider
605:Sharp Edge
607:Luna Solis
612:Might of Heaven
613:Edel Schwert
615:Wise Wand
617:Occult Wisdom
619:Genesis Staff
622:Oren Herald
625:Onyx Blade
626:Lysil Edge
627:Baron's Light
629:Lost Alucard
630:Iron Fan
631:Purple Orchid
632:Scarlet Heaven
633:Jing Qing Fan
634:Shrine Maiden Dance
635:Wild Axe
638:Elde Divide
640:Moon Quake
643:Elder Lily
645:Mistral Cane
646:Etoile Filant
648:Vita Reaper
651:Crimson Mist
652:Void Punisher
653:Self-Defense Fan
654:Brute Veil
656:Noble Tunic
657:Leather Protector
658:Bone Armor
659:Mage's Robe
660:Soldier's Curiass
661:Radiant Plate
662:Fairy Cloak
663:Chainmail Cloak
664:Foreign Armor
665:Elven Robe
666:Moonlight Cloak
667:Dragoon Mail
668:Kruger Cloak
681:Uni Charm
682:Energy Pendant
683:Gnade Ring
684:Phantom Scarf
685:Locket of Devotion
686:Migratory Charm
687:Quartz Necklace
688:Warlock Ring
689:Warrior Bangle
690:Clairvoyance Monocle
691:Harnal Ring
692:Warrior Choker
693:Four Spirits Amulet
694:Cluster Cuffs
695:Baron's Crown
696:Dragon Scale Necklace
706:Broken Hoe
707:Light and Sturdy Hoe
708:Fairystone Light
709:Fairystone Light EX
710:Scuffy Drawing
711:Flame Hair Clip
712:Hammer Brooch
713:Duet Stock Solution+
714:Duet Stock Solution EX
715:Seeds of Light
716:Seeds of Light EX
717:Disturbing Bell
718:Emil's Tablet
719:Emil's Book
720:True Silver
721:Chart of Another Sky
722:Fi's Necklace
723:Shiny Necklace
724:Dancing Bird Pinwheel
725:Silver Crystal
726:Celestial Globe of Another Sky
727:High Quality Wood
728:Sturdy Wood
729:Broken Ancient Artifact
730:New Purifier
731:Broken Light
732:Lamp of the Beginning
733:Age of God Manual
734:Bragon Bone Fragment
735:Ancient Dragon Gem
736:Indestructible Box
737:Auxiliary Prosthesis
738:Wild Meat on the Bone
739:Father's Album
740:Desalination Equipment EX
741:Federica's Pendant
742:Small Tablet
744:High Quality Coral Stone
745:"Agnes Luce" Recipe
746:"Astral Regalia" Recipe
748:"Ifestio" Recipe
749:"Efflorescence" Recipe
750:"Genesis Staff" Recipe
751:"Nevernoche" Recipe
752:"Lost Alucard" Recipe
753:"Shrine Maiden's Dance" Recipe
754:"Diamantis" Recipe
755:"Raventoad" Recipe
756:Iridescent Mucus
757:Iridescent High-Purity Mucus
776:Glassware Recipe
777:Fairystone Wares Recipe
778:Iridescent High-Purity Mucus Recipe
779:Scintilla Glass Recipe
780:Lujada Crystal Recipe
790:Shiny Necklace Recipe
791:Dancing Bird Pinwheel Recipe
792:Silver Crystal Recipe
793:Globe to Another Sky Recipe
794:Light and study Hoe Recipe
796:Puppet Liquid Recipe
797:Flint Charcoal recipe
798:solid ice fuel recipe
799:four seasons dome recipe
800:mage's robe recipe
801:soldier's curiass recipe
802:radiant plate recipe
803:elven robe recipe
804:moonlight cloak recipe
805:dragoon mail recipe
806:summoner's bell recipe
807:sturdy wood recipe
808:new purifier recipe
809:lamp of the beginning recipe
810:age of god manual recipe
811:ancient dragon gem recipe
812:indestructible box recipe
813:wild meat on the bone recipe
814:desalination equipment ex recipe
815:grace nero recipe
816:two-handed staff recipe
817:bow recipe
818:great sword recipe
819:double sword recipe
820:long sword recipe
821:single-handed sword recipe
822:claw recipe
823:single handed sword recipe
824:fan recipe
825:axe recipe
826:warhammer recipe
827:legendary sword recipe
828:plant seeds recipe
829:stone seeds recipe
830:fire seeds recipe
831:water seeds recipe
832:mystic seeds recipe
833:poison seeds recipe
834:golden seeds recipe
836:Packed Rice
837:Roasted Chicken
838:Gibier Burger
839:Mixed Sandwich
840:Smoked Meat
841:Dried Meat Pizza
842:Fresh Fish Carpaccio
843:Summer veggie Stew
844:Forest Green Pasta
845:Seafood Paella
846:Red Chilli Soup
847:Steak on Cystal
848:Roasted Monster Fish
849:Beef Omelette Rice
850:White Sauce Ragu
886:Chick Doll
887:Crystal Object
888:Fairy Doll
889:Puni Jelly
890:Puni doll
891:Exhibition Stand
892:Hanging Lantern
893:Round Table
894:Leather Sofa
895:Chic Sofa
896:Elegant Low Table
897:Pendulum Clock
899:Cute Bed
900:extravagant Bed
902:Fashionable bench
903:Garden Table
904:POtted Plant
905:Oren Doll
906:Dinner Bell
907:Decorative Sword
908:Resort Bed
909:Resort Sofa
910:Table with Tablecloth
911:Potted Palm
912:Music Stand
913:Giant Manuscript
914:Pixie Pot
915:Great Elemental's Chair
916:Celestial body model
917:Farm Photo
918:Countryside Photo
919:Rocking Chair
920:Cute Sofa
922:Blacksmith Statue
924:Crisp bun
925:Pumpkin doll
927:Transport Cannon
928:Ashra Donut
929:Giant Luceaux Seed
930:Mountian of Sweets
931:Exotic Horn
932:Apple Basket
933:Knight's Armor
934:Teddy Bear
935:Beautiful Picture Frame
936:Mysterious Broom
938:Weasel Doll
939:Shiny Bust
940:Sparkling Bust
941:Photo of the Capital
942:Fi DOll
943:Candy House
944:Mini Cork board
945:Books and Bookends
946:Tea set
947:Synthesis eqp set
948:Basket of Uni
949:Mushroom Shaped Lamp
950:Small Devil Doll

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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+14]

Post by petfriendsamy »

Hello, thanks for the awesome cheat table. i would like to request a party editor for this game just like the previous one. Thanks a lot.

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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+14]

Post by TheXdragon »

That was really fast. Thank a lot.
If possible, can you add a way to edit the elemental value of materials?

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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+14]

Post by tontsa00 »

Whoops, i used "Maximize Item Quantity" and suddenly my my entire warehouse for items was too full. So it makes all items to 99? Also "Maximize Item Quality" makes items to 100 not 999 which is usually been max item quality in previous Atelier games? I've tried to change it to 999 but dont' know how.

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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+14]

Post by bachou »

please make a remove zoom limit in camera mode

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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+19]

Post by thegreat11 »

Thanks for this! What does the sp after compounding and the increases sp when consumed cheats do?

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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+22]

Post by hawkins »

Is there a way to increase the amount of materials you can use while synthesising?

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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+22]

Post by Chrono »

Thanks for your efforts.

May I request, if its possible at this stage, a difficulty unlocker? In the last game harder modes were unlocked after beating the game, it would be useful to have them the first time around - Nevermind, just fired it up and seems its unlocked from the beginning. Thanks again!

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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+22]

Post by variante »

So apparently effects from skill tree can be edited, although these won't get saved. Offset in hex starting from SP +0x0:
+0x6: number of extra synthesis ingredients (2 byte)
+0x10: extra quality of handpicked ingredients (2 byte, percentage?, legit value stops at 40 at level 2)
+0x12: extra quantity of handpicked ingredients (2 byte, flat increase, legit value stops at 3 at level 3)
+0x16 and 0x18: same as above, but for staff-collected ingredients
+0x1E: extra time for food effects (2 byte, not sure which unit, legit value stops at 5 at level 2)

Tested the above, got massive amount of max quality ingredients in each gather, so it works. Shame these aren't persistent. There may be more. Also, the block starting at 0x20 stores the state of the skill tree

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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+22]

Post by zachillios »

Here's trait IDs for the item editor:

Code: Select all

3:High Quality
4:Best Quality
20:Rather Devastating
21:Very Devastating
22:Extremely Devastating
30:Ample Healing
31:Terrific Healing
32:Tremendous Healing
38:Critical Finish
39:Half Critical
40:Strong Blessing
41:Mighty Blessing
42:Herculean Blessing
43:Steward's Blessing
44:Guardian's Blessing
45:Seraph's Blessing
46:Quick Blessing
47:Light-Speed Blessing
48:Hermes's Blessing
49:Sleep Cure
50:Poison Cure
51:Burns Cure
52:Frostbite Cure
53:Curse Cure
54:Restraint Cure
55:Paralysis Cure
56:Curse Strength
57:Banish Strength
58:Banish All Strength
59:Curse Protection
60:Banish Protection
61:Banish All Protection
62:Curse Speed
63:Banish Speed
64:Banish All Speed
75:Area Bonus
76:Area Bonus+
77:Area Bonus++
78:Multi Bonus
79:Multi Burst
80:Few Bonus
81:Few Bonus+
82:Few Bonus++
83:Single Bonus
84:Single Blast
93:Sonic Throw
94:Lightning Throw
95:Power Throw
96:Power Throw+
97:Power Throw++
98:Strong Throw
99:God Throw
100:Enhance Finisher
101:Enhance Finisher+
102:Enhance Finisher++
103:Ruthless Strike
104:Merciless Strike
105:HP Charge
106:HP Charge+
107:HP Charge++
108:Swelling Power
109:Life Force
110:Attack Charge
111:Attack Charge+
112:Attack Charge++
113:Beastly Power
114:War God's Power
115:Defense Charge
116:Defense Charge+
117:Defense Charge++
118:Steel Protection
119:Dragonscale Protection
120:Speed Charge
121:Speed Charge+
122:Speed Charge
124:Speed Of Light
125:ATK & DEF Charge
126:ATK & SPD Charge
127:DEF & SPD Charge
128:Stats Charge
129:Stats Power
130:ATK & DEF Charge+
131:ATK & SPD Charge+
132:DEF & SPD Charge+
133:Stats Charge+
134:ATK & DEF Charge++
135:ATK & SPD Charge++
136:DEF & SPD Charge++
137:Stats Charge++
138:Skill Charge
139:Skill Charge+
140:Skill Charge++
141:Skill Boost
142:Super Skill
143:Puni Slayer
144:Weasel Slayer
145:Phantom Slayer
146:Golem Slayer
147:Knight Slayer
148:Scorpion Slayer
149:Hedgehog Slayer
150:Dragon Slayer
151:Shark Slayer
152:Beetle Slayer
153:Sheep Slayer
154:Roadrunner Slayer
155:Wyvern Slayer
157:Imp Slayer
158:Element Slayer
159:Dyrad Slayer
160:Sloth Slayer
161:Raptor Slayer
162:Chameleon Slayer
163:Fenrir Slayer
172:Fresh and Juicy
173:Regal Air
174:Creeping Darkness
175:Mystic Shimmer
176:Dragon Killer
177:Deflects Evil
178:Conquers Evil
180:Emits Miasma
183:Rare Metal
184:Spirit's Blessing
186:Wing Edge
187:Perpetual Machine
188:Mostly Puni
189:Ripping Claws
190:Free Spirit
191:Infinite Vigor
192:Surging Strength
193:Lone Wolf Spirit
194:Ominous Pressure
195:Latent Awakening
196:Harvest Blessing
198:Pure and Innocent
199:Surging Spirit
200:Magic Bolt
201:Living Roots
202:Seven Changes
203:Hunting Tips
204:Freshly Picked
205:Merit of Injury
206:Travel Companion
207:Gift of The Stars
208:Burning Fight
210:Fine Medicine Source
212:Mana Heat
214:Remnant of Eternity
And I have some alchemy scripts in relation to color points. Just turned the game on so I'll try finding more fun stuff.
Atelier Ryza 3 ZV1.CT
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+22]

Post by ZaynH »

is there a way to change the weather?

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Noire Blackheart
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Expert Cheater
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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+22]

Post by Noire Blackheart »

No item loss in sythisis seems to work fine, just remember to turn it off when not using it, and gems are a static 4byte value.

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Noire Blackheart
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Expert Cheater
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Re: Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [+14]

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tontsa00 wrote:
Fri Mar 24, 2023 11:28 am
Whoops, i used "Maximize Item Quantity" and suddenly my my entire warehouse for items was too full. So it makes all items to 99? Also "Maximize Item Quality" makes items to 100 not 999 which is usually been max item quality in previous Atelier games? I've tried to change it to 999 but dont' know how.
Probably a late reply, but you need to learn the skill to unlock max quality to 999.

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