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Seraph v1.01/v0.43/v0.32/v0.31 +10 (2016.09.23)

Posted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:50 pm
by STN
Made by Cielos

made some simple scripts for Seraph.

- updated the table to work on v.1.01.
- updated the table (specifically Inf. Health, Ignore Ability Recharge Timer, and Penetration Chance Override) to work on v0.43.
- some pointer's offset are shifted compare to previous patch, they should be fixed.
- updated the table (specifically Ignore Ability Recharge Timer) to work on v0.32.
- grouped the scripts into different categories.
- added Rate of Fire Multiplier, Bullet Cone Multiplier, Penetration Chance Override, Inf. Double Jump, and Alterante Blink.

[Health & Ability Related]:
- nothing can hurt you.

Inf. Health
- health still decrease when being hit but won't drop pass the Min Health threshold specified.
- default Min Health: 200

Ignore Ability Recharge Timer
- you can keep using any of the 3 abilities regardless of the recharge bar.

[Weapon Related]:
Inf. Ammo V1
- ammo stop decreasing when the quantity reach 1.

Inf. Ammo V2
- ammo won't decease at all, with the infinite sign on just like your starting pistols.
- the weapon can be revert to normal by deactivating this script.

Rate of Fire Multiplier
- default x?: 6

Bullet Cone Multiplier
- default x?: 0.25

Penetration Chance Override
- default Custom Penetration Chance: 0.25 (==25%) (1==100%)

[Movement Related]:
Inf. Double Jump
- as title says.

Inf. Blink
- as title says.

Alternate Blink
- change the blink behaviour: hold the Blink button/key to dash continuously, release the button/key to stop.

- made for v1.01/v0.43/v0.32/v0.31 (scripts for the previous patches can be find under the noname header).
- be respectful to other players, don't use cheats when playing Challenges.
- it may take a second or more to activate the Enable script depends on your system. it's normal.
- for best results, you should enable the scripts AFTER a level is loaded.