Cyberpunk 2077 [+16.5]

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Re: Cyberpunk 2077 [+16.5]

Post by Acleacius »

Thanks again for your work and updates on this table! 8-)

Has anyone had any luck finding an Edit Point for, The Countdown? It's stage in the game that monitors Brain Degradation.
It could be great if we could edit/reset it to 0 ! :P

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  4. Keep the list.
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Cyberpunk 2077 [+16.5]

Post by Kelblood83 »

pigeon wrote:
Sun Jan 10, 2021 1:29 pm
So everything I've got atm in one place. I'm actually will keep it up-to-date for some amount of time since I'm personally started to feel the pleasure just by walking around and taking screenshots.

- Time of day
- Slower walking speed
- Auto Walk script (no need to hold W key)
- Separate head rotations (while body walking "forward", you can look around)
- Soft Throttle and Brakes on cars and bikes (plus some sort of "cruise control")
- Changing weather and some of it's settings
- Changing some RGB settings (it's actually from photomode, just can be used during normal gameplay as well)
- Freeze torso/head/eyes rotations in photomode
- Changing XYZ and RGB settings of muzzle flash in photomode (plus hiding gun and muzzle flash texture)

More detailed explanations of how to use some of the scripts:
You can press once hotkeys from the names of the scripts to have the effect. "Separate Head Rotations (Alt)" script could actually not work after all since I was not able to find solid compare and checking few of them. Right now it's seems stable, but if not I'll go to try something else.

Soft Throttle and Brakes:
Just if you want to drive around at relatively slow speed. I've shared it before, but for now rotations of the camera in TPP fully free and holding Shift actually "bypass" the script.

Use "weatherpreset" address to change it. If you do not see the effect, enable "Force Weather Change" script. "Missions / Subtype / Yellow Tint" is pretty experimental, but take a look at "Weather Subtype" address here. For example, if you set Rain weather and insert here value "5", than there is will be no rain in the game, but clouds and colors will stay the same. using it with "Weather Preset Power" script can give you a nice results as after rain weather, gentle fog and so on...

Photomode adjustments:
- LookInCameraAtAnyPoseAndOutfit. There is certain outfits and poses that disable ability to turn on "look in camera" option. This script fix it.
- Force Animations in PhotoMode. Overwrite current pose (except few with the guns, but works ok with Pistol poses). Can be used with the other script below to achieve interesting results.
- POI head/eyes. Rotate photomode cam around and freeze head and eyes position.
- Freeze Torso/Head Rotations. There as also option for NPC's, but it worked only at certain NPC's, such as Judy, when we meet her at first time and when she waiting us to sit on the chair for braindance.
note that if the head rotations was disabled, than torso rotations also will be disabled
- Muzzle Flash 1 RGB XYZ. So choose pose "V, just V", enable muzzle flash and play here with the values. Also with "Force Animations in PhotoMode (Ctrl + Num+/Num-)" you can overwrite this pose with any else pose and get some kind of "free" omni light to highlight V or NPC. "Muzzle Flash 1 Range" might be tricky here... you can't increase range, but make it smaller, still useful.
Muzzle Flash 2 RGB XYZ. Currently useless. In fact, there is 2 omni lights when muzzle flash enabled and this one have internal "issue" when you are trying to change its XYZ values, you'll notice that the game block it from highlighting V. And i can't find how to disable this "wall". It's all going from structures that you can get to with "Force Animations in PhotoMode (Ctrl + Num+/Num-)" script and specifically strings as "POSE_HIDEGUN". But by looking how this string used further (with brake and trace) I just get lost in all of this compares and jumps...
- Disable Bullets Sleeves. Pistol here have flying away bullet sleeves (if I call it right). For taking effect you need to switch in game pose.
So in simple words, with this group of scripts you can change head and eyes rotations in photomode and highlight V or NPC by omni light with any color and from any direction.
Also for those who might do not know, Frans Bouma have been made free camera for this game:
This table is awesome, was looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks for the share !
Any chance for poses noclip ?

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Re: Cyberpunk 2077 [+16.5]

Post by pigeon »

Yeah, noclip for the poses would be useful when specific pose doesn't want to stay close enough to the wall or car... tried to find how to deal with it couple of times and have no luck :/ No noclip byte value or any other sort of flag value. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong during scans. The only thing that I've found some time ago is the pose XYZ values by itself, but by looking around of it (and for similar values) I can't find anything useful. There is of course possible to make a simple script to manually add specific offset, but it's not intuitive. There is will be no forward/back/right/left offsets, only north/south/east/west offsets and it will require multiple attempts to find proper values for specific pose location. And because of that this is really shitty solution that will provide more pain instead of pleasure.
Maybe if anyone else will try to deal with it, here is this instruction that write 4bytes XY (or XZ, it depends) values to the pose when pose offset changing in in-game photomode settings:
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E8EF: 0F 28 C2 - movaps xmm0,xmm2
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E8F2: 0F 2F E3 - comiss xmm4,xmm3
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E8F5: F3 0F 58 C6 - addss xmm0,xmm6
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E8F9: F3 0F 2C C0 - cvttss2si eax,xmm0
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E8FD: 89 44 24 24 - mov [rsp+24],eax
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E901: 73 03 - jae Cyberpunk2077.exe+108E906
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E903: 0F 28 CA - movaps xmm1,xmm2
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E906: F2 0F 10 44 24 20 - movsd xmm0,[rsp+20]
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E90C: F3 0F 58 CC - addss xmm1,xmm4
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E910: 49 8B 48 50 - mov rcx,[r8+50]
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E914: F2 41 0F 11 80 C0 00 00 00 - movsd [r8+000000C0],xmm0
// ---------- DONE INJECTING ----------
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E91D: F3 0F 2C C1 - cvttss2si eax,xmm1
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E921: 41 89 80 C8 00 00 00 - mov [r8+000000C8],eax
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E928: 48 85 C9 - test rcx,rcx
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E92B: 74 05 - je Cyberpunk2077.exe+108E932
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E92D: E8 BE FF F7 FF - call Cyberpunk2077.exe+100E8F0
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E932: 0F 28 74 24 40 - movaps xmm6,[rsp+40]
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E937: 0F 28 7C 24 30 - movaps xmm7,[rsp+30]
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E93C: 48 83 C4 58 - add rsp,58
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E940: C3 - ret
"Cyberpunk2077.exe"+108E941: CC - int 3

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