Death Rally 2012

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Death Rally 2012

Post by STN » Wed Apr 12, 2017 6:26 pm

Made by jaybz

Here's a table I made for Death Rally 2012. I can confirm that it works with the version from Steam, however, I expect it to work for other versions as well. If it doesn't please pm me the version you have and I'll see what I can do. Actually, if you have a different version, I would appreciate it if you tested it and then tell me if it works or not.

The table will allow you to prevent decrease of the following:
Ammo - This affects both guns/missiles and mines.
Health - Aside from keeping your health at 100% during races, if you have any damaged cars and you switch to it in the car selection screen, it will be fully repaired.
Nitro - You will also have 1 nitro instead of 0 at the start of each race.
Cash - The auto-fill option is not affected. This will allow you to leave the upgrade menu without disabling the cash cheat first by just clicking the auto-fill button after you're done to use up your cash.

Thanks to Gniarf for his help with the health cheat.
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