Crashlands - Steam v1.1.5 - +6 Cheat Table/Trainer

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Crashlands - Steam v1.1.5 - +6 Cheat Table/Trainer

Post by STN »

Made by cooleko

Table includes:

Set Current HP to 999,999,999
Set Maximum HP and Damage to 999,999,999 (Will cause enemy to heal if they are too far below your level, just reduce to 99 million or something (change both max and current health, or edit the code to use a separate value for damage. if you get this often, if my bomb heals them I just hit them with my sword/pet/lightning for the kill instead. This is due to the game treating 1 Trillion damage as an overflow)

Infinite Consumables: Anything you use (from your hotkeys) or place (from the build menu) will be set to 1000. I recommend changing this lower (Lines 67 and 75 (you can use 40100000)), so that you can sell off or delete those items for inventory management later.

Pick up an item to set its value to 999: Sometimes works, sometimes doesnt, I have refined it to the point where it will almost always work. Just keep picking up items until it does work!

Instant Item Cooldown1:MK5 HarvestBomb, MK4 HarvestBomb, MK3 HarvestBomb, MK2 HarvestBomb, MK1 HarvestBomb, Fish Magnet, Chembobber, Waterbomb, The Big One, Stickybomb, Gravelbomb, Logtree Seedbomb, Firecracker, and Squee Seedbomb items all have instant cooldowns. I also added Thundercall, Laser Leash, and Spacetime Folder to this cheat.

Instant Item Cooldown 2: Any Items that take four seconds to cooldown are instantly reusable, any items that take longer than four seconds to cooldown will have their cooldown shortened by four seconds. This may not include a handful of items (any item using item code 1-24). If you are brave, simply edit line 33 to "cmp [eax+4], 40100000" to include items 4-24 in the cheat. This particular cheat may crash your game as I havent tested it very long or hard, if there is an item in the game that has a cooldown of less than 4 seconds, then you will not be able to use it at all. Simply turn the cheat off to use that item (if it exists). THIS CHEAT WILL NOT ALLOW THE USE OF ANY TOOLS, DEACTIVATE TO USE TOOLS I'm sure if I filtered the tools out it would work fine, but I'm happy with v1 of this cheat so wont polish v2.

Unlimited Status Effects: Any and every status effect in the game will never expire, you can stack movement speed (from unique sources) for fairly fast travel as well as instant harvesting and flying. You have to earn the effect legit, but it will never expire. This code is included in the Instant Item Cooldowns v1 and 2 since the same instruction controls both. This also applies to negative effects!

For the below instructions, I am writing the Cheat Engine options from memory, so they may not be verbatim in Cheat Engine, just select the option that is closest to what I indicate.

These instructions only apply to items with a cooldown of 4, 10, and 14 seconds. You could add a new function to handle items of different values. I wont explain how to do that yet since I'm fairly certain someone who is capable of doing that can understand what I did with 4, 10, and 14 to replicate it for any other cooldown amount. If you dont fall into that group, simply post what item number and cooldown amount you need and someone will tell you what you need to add to the code to make it work (or I will add it to the table in the next edition).

To add an item, you simply need to:
1) use the new item and immediately pause the game (esc key)
2) activate the cheat ItemCD&StatusEffectCD (not 2nd version) while the game is paused
3) Perform an Array of Bytes scan (AOB) in cheatengine for "F3 0F 7E 40 10". There will never be more than one result.
4) Right click the result and select "Disassemble at this location" (I think it is Ctrl-D). (You dont even have to add the address to your list)
5) Right click the highlighted/topmost instruction and select "See what addresses this instruction accesses."
6) Change the type in the new window to Double, and hit STOP.
7) There will be one value with your item cooldown. Right click that value and select "Structure Dissector", dont bother naming it, yes cheatengine should determine value types, we only need first 30 values.
8) There will be a Double value at offset (0), remember that value as it is the item identifier.
9) In your preferred web browser, with your preferred search engine, search "double to hex", I have been using the first result made by someone named Greg Stoll (thanks Greg).
10) Type the value from Step 8 into the 4th field "Double Value" and select convert to hex
11) Take the first 8 digits after "0x" and copy them. For example, if we search the value 572, it would result in "0x4081e00000000000" we only need "4081e000"
12) Deactivate and Open "ItemCD&StatusEffectCD" in cheat engine.
13) Below "code: and line 32, add a new CMP and JE instruction for your item. For example, Item 572 is the Laser Leash which has a cooldown of fourteen seconds so you would take the value from Step 11 and type:
cmp [eax+4], 4081E000 //572 - Laser Leash
je Fourteen_Second_Items_to_Zero

(If your item is a four or ten second item, then use the appropriate jump labeled four or ten!)
14) Press ok, activate the cheat, and verify in game that there is now an instant cooldown. If it didnt work, either you made a mistake following these instructions or i made a mistake writing them! (so try again, paying attention to detail or post letting me know so i can find the mistake and correct it)
15) Please share the Item code, Item Name, and Cooldown with the community so we can all benefit from your hard work!

If anyone knows a way to pull the item codes from a .dat file (the kind you get when you extract from the Crashlands folder using quickbms with yoyogames IFF wad file format), please share, as I got stuck at this point trying to find those values for an all inclusive table.

If anyone knows optimizations to the code, please share, so I can continue to learn!

How to use this cheat table?
  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1
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Expert Cheater
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Re: Crashlands - Steam v1.1.5 - +6 Cheat Table/Trainer

Post by rei_hunter »

Any updates for 1.2.14 ?

Everything except Infinite Consumables (sorta) works and Get 999 an item (but sometimes it doesnt work either)

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Crashlands - Steam v1.1.5 - +6 Cheat Table/Trainer

Post by falker »

Could You update this script to newest game version please?

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Crashlands - Steam v1.1.5 - +6 Cheat Table/Trainer

Post by WhiteRau »

shameless bump. if you wouldn't mind updating for latest, that would be excellent. :)

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Crashlands - Steam v1.1.5 - +6 Cheat Table/Trainer

Post by D1g1Byt3 »

Needs update of 1.3 Version

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Re: Crashlands - Steam v1.1.5 - +6 Cheat Table/Trainer

Post by treeman97 »

Update for 1.3? Scripts don't work anymore.

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