Might and Magic X: Legacy

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Might and Magic X: Legacy

Post by STN » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:50 pm

Made by Csimbi

All right, I started a new game using the game in the Ubi store (main menu says 1.5-16336).
New scripts and a different approach as most skills and items are useless anyway.

The table contains three scripts.
Part 1 gives you:
- Infinite turns; Your turn will not end when you take an action (e.g. attack, defend, cast spell or drink potion) while holding the ALT key. For example, you can rain down arrows on enemies by tapping ALT+2 repeatedly (providing you kept the ranged attack on slot 2 of course).
- Infinite party buffs; Your party buffs never expire (spells and blessings).
- Min. gold; keep your gold at a certain minimum.
- Min. food; keep your food at a certain minimum.
You can't activate this script until you have taken a step while a party spell or a blessing is active.

Part 2 gives you:
- One hit kill; obvious. Note: There was only one creature that one hit kill had a problem with: it's the last creature you beat in the throne room during the Unicorn and the Falcon DLC (that creature is not supposed to die).
- Relic leveler; quickly level equipped relics (one level up at each XP gain).
You can't activate this script until you have killed at least one enemy while wearing a relic.

Part 3 gives you:
- Min. attribute points; hold CTRL to patch min. value.
- Min. skill points; hold CTRL to patch min. value.
- Exposes the following character stats: health, mana, XP level, XP, next level XP, attribute points, skill points. Just don't change anything in red.
The pointer is grabbed and values are patched (if you are holding CTRL) when the hint with the character's name appears.
You can't activate this script until you have hovered over a character's icon at least once (wait until the character's name shown up in the hint that pops up).

I think you will have most of the time part 1 and 2 enabled only; one-hit-kill with infinite turns allows you to squash waves of enemies in an instant.

PS. you might want to keep a save at hand so you could just load it and move in to kill a weakling then load your real save and activate all scripts
Might and Magic X Legacy.CT
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Re: Might and Magic X: Legacy

Post by Plague Dr. Reiss » Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:14 pm

I just want to say thank you for this; Also Part 2 will not tick open and causes CE to Hang. After the few seconds of hanging up it refuses to open the drop down; Everything else seems to work fine.

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