Battlevoid Harbinger 2.0.1 (steam)

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Battlevoid Harbinger 2.0.1 (steam)

Post by STN » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:01 pm

Made by gid2525

Battlevoid Harbinger +2

Lots of Scrap and upgrade points. Activate at the beginning of a new game when you first collect the scrap and upgrade points or go and buy then sell an item while its activated and just keep it activated.

If you do this at the beginning of a new game and go die right after you have all of it then you will level to 99 and unlock all of the regular ships.

I can tell you that all the stuff except for scrap and upgrade points are floating point values.
I found LOTS of stuff, hull, shield, jump recharge, weapon stats, etc. and was able to change them but due to the game being in java there are no pointers and any attempt to use asm script just crashed the game.
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