Truck Racer PC V1.0-RLD

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Truck Racer PC V1.0-RLD

Post by STN » Sat Apr 08, 2017 8:40 pm

Made by vova123

Tested on Win 7 x64 with Cheat Engine 6.6
Game Version 1.0 Reloaded (Process name should be "TruckRacer.exe") - i`m not sure, if it will work with other versions.

Make Sure, that "NUM LOCK" on Your keyboard is "ON" before using it

Table Options:

NUM PAD 4 - Money - Sets Your money in "Championship Mode" to 16978715; activate it after You
enter Championship and then go to "Garage" to see the effect (or exit "Garage",if You already in it).

The following options should be activated ONLY during the race (after racing track are loaded); once
activated, most of them will remain enabled, unless You exit the game or disable them:

NUM PAD 1 - Nitro - Sets Your nitro to max and won`t allow it to decrease (Unless Disabled).

NUM PAD 2 - Health (God Mode) - Won`t allow Your Truck`s "Health" to decrease (Unless Disabled), but
will allow it to increase, if You will choose a truck with more "Resistance".

NUM PAD 3 - Timer - Won`t allow to increase "Current Lap" timer (Unless Disabled), could be useful in
championship "Time trials" races, but good luck with "Beating Your own record" after using that.

NUM PAD 5 - First Place - Will always "Tell", that You are in the first place in the race, despite of
Your actual position in current race (Unless Disabled). Won`t do you any good in "Quick race" mode
- the game will show you, that You placed first, but afterwards in the "race summary" it will show, what
place You are actually finished; however in "Championship" mode You will still be considered a winner and
get 100 points and all the other bonuses for placing first; although all of the AI opponents will also get
100 points for the race, You will still be considered first and placed on top of the list. Will work also
in "Knockout" races of the championship. I know, it`s lame, but it`s the best, that i could come up with.

NUM PAD 6 - Easy Kill - Sets AI`s truck`s "Health" to a very low value (couple of good hits should end them);
You need to activate this EVERY time You start the race, even if you just hit "Restart" - i couldn't come up
with a way to make this permanent(toggleable) without making AI`s "Dead from the start" in the next race, sorry.
You shouldn't use it in "Two players" mode, since Second Player`s Truck`s values are stored by the game in the
same addresses, that is used to store one of the AI`s truck`s values in "Single player"(Truck-02-Health in the table)

NUM PAD 7 - Player2-Nitro - Same as "NUM PAD 1" for Player 2; Probably should disable this in "Single player".

NUM PAD 8 - Player2-Health (Player2-God Mode) - Same as "NUM PAD 2" for Player 2; Should be disabled in "Single player".

NUM PAD 9 - Player2-Easy Kill - Same as "NUM PAD 6" for "Two Players" mode.

I know, it`s an old game, but i still decided to share it - maybe somebody will find it useful.

Sorry for my bad English.
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