Lost Dutchman Mine (1989 - DOS)

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Lost Dutchman Mine (1989 - DOS)

Post by eien » Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:29 pm

Hey all,

Game: Lost Dutchman Mine
Year: 1989
Publisher: Magnetic Images
Platform: DOS
Where to get: Wherever you can find it.
Compatibility: This table should work with any version of DOSbox or any other DOS emulator / Virtual Machine.

By request of: Myself
Previous Work: None.

Table Options:
+ Set Cash
+ Set Ammunition
+ Player - Health
+ Player - Water
+ Player - Food
+ Player - Snake Bites
+ Player - Bullet Wounds
+ Player - Arrow Wounds

All cheats in the table are of "set" type, allowing the player to set the desired value or freezing it outright.

Next steps: I don't think there's anything else interesting to do for this game once you get rid of bodily needs, you can just concentrate in the search for the lost dutchman mine!.

Requests: If you'd like me to take a look at another DOS oldie that hasn't been properly cheated yet, let me know. I make no promises on delivery (life is hectic), but I'll do my best. If you wanna buy me such game, I'd be even happier to take a look. I still don't know which game I'm going to tackle next.

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Hope you have fun, and please let me know if you find any problems. All feedback is welcome!

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