Hybrid Wars

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Hybrid Wars

Post by STN » Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:34 am

Game : Hybrid Wars
Version : v4.89.1118656 (Steam)
Date : 01-25-2017
Author : JizzaBeez

- Unlimited Health
- Unlimited Shield
- Unlimited Ammo
- Unlimited Special
- One Hit Kills
- No Enemy Shield
- No Special Cost
- Fast Score (+1000)
- Fast Experience (1xp to level)
- Pointers & structs...

How to use the table:
1) Run the game 'HW.exe'.
2) Open Cheat Engine 6.6+.
3) Select the process 'HW.exe'.
4) Open the table 'HW.ct'.
5) Enable/Disable cheats, edit structs, etc...
6) Play the game and win!!!1!!1!1 ...
7) Close the table (uncheck all items), cheat engine, and then the game.

How to use cheats:
1) Perform the in-game action...
2) Activate the item to initiate scan...
3) Enable/disable the cheats wanted.

How to edit structs:
1) 'Health' gets pointer to JNFeaturesMain.
2) 'Score' gets pointer to JNUserProfile.
3) Edit any known values...

Table info:
- After clicking an AOBScan please wait while memory is scanned...
- The record will become highlighted when the scan is finished...
- If the record does not activate then code was not found...
- If this happens then perform the required in-game actions and try to do the scan again.
- 'Ammo2' should be used for "Tesla" to have Unlimited Ammo. The other does not affect her...
- If using 'Unlimited Health' without 'One Hit Kills', then also use 'No Enemy Shield'. If you don't then enemy shields bug...

PS: This game uses Mono, but I was having issues with the MonoDataCollector... so I decided to just use AOBScans.
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