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Life is Strange 2 - Money Hack

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2019 7:46 pm
by Warrioress
This is a very simple AOB script that sets the amount of money in Sean's wallet to $1000. You can then use it to buy any purchasable items (that is, not the raccoon costume and the tent). The items and money stayed in my inventory across scenes, but I haven't tested it across episodes yet.

How to use:
1. Load your game and activate the script.
2. Change the amount of money in Sean's wallet. Quick ways to do this: play the claw machine or donate to the singer.
3. If everything worked correctly, you should see $1000 in Sean's wallet. You can keep it activated if you don't feel like spending anything.

:!: I did experience a bug after using this in the Christmas Market where the male vendor started T-posing and I couldn't progress the game. To prevent this from happening:
1. Make sure the script is NOT activated when you arrive at the Christmas Market.
2. Buy a gift for Daniel and/or steal the yoyo. Again, make sure the script is not activated while you do this (unfortunately, you can't buy a gift from the male vendor after you've enabled the script without the game going crazy).
3. Enable the script.
4. Donate to the singer and get rich.
5. Buy a Christmas wreath (if you want).

Also, despite researching and testing this table for months, it is the first one I've ever made. So, please be patient if it's not working. Ideally, I wanted to include an option to increase/decrease the morality and brotherhood stats, but I can't find those values anywhere.

Other information
Engine: UE4
Works with latest patch (12/11/12)

Re: Life is Strange 2 - Money Hack

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:00 am
by STRengths
Thanks mate, i remember how distastefully i was, when i looking for value last time