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Cefore v1.0

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:16 pm
by Garrett Dark
Cefore v1.0
It's a little Demolition Puzzle Game on Steam

show Jetpack Fuel
- Enable to see your Jetpack Fuel, change/freeze as you wish

show Equipment Count
- Enable to see/change the amount of each equipment you have (Bombs, Warp, Hot Air Balloon, etc). Some equipment is unlocked as you progress, not sure if giving yourself it before unlock bypasses this or not. Different size bombs amounts seems to be shared as one.

Drone Always Full Power (Enable after using Drone)
- Moving the drone uses some of it's power, enable this to make it always full power

show Data
- Collecting the Data (blue cubes) is what is needed to complete the level. "Current" is how much you have collected, "Needed" is what you need to complete the level. Making "Current" equal or more than "Needed" will trigger level completion after a few moments.

show MD (Enable after level finish, Updates upon more MD Awarded)
- MD is what you're scored after you complete a level for the first time, it's used to buy vanity/costume items on the main menu under "Customize". This script is a little finicky, you must complete one level before you can enable the script, and then it only updates the value when you score some MD. No MD score (if you beat the level already) no update. You only need to change this once though, as the game remembers the MD amount.