AC3 Remastered Toggle Mask

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AC3 Remastered Toggle Mask

Post by _Eagle_ » Thu Apr 04, 2019 7:23 am

Hey guys..i'm working on a table that will allow all of us to toggle the hoods and the mask of shay's outfit...(this disappears in cutscenes) the thing i did....if you had played it you must know that on shay's templar outfit the bandana disappears during i'm trying to disable this function so that bandana will appear during's the method i tried...And i've done this technique in the past with removing the spaulders in ac brotherhood..(it worked wonders)

1.i opened cheat engine and selected the game in the process list..
2.when in the game(wearing shay's outfit with bandana on)i've searched for value "1".
3.then i went for a cutscene(when bandana disabled)i've searched the value "0" for next scan.
4.did this until i had few addresses left..
5.after that(with the remaining addresses)i've used the tool find out what this addresses writes to..
6.then redid a cutscene and let the bandana disabling code active..and somethings appeared.
7.i've added those to the codelist and replaced them with the codes that does nothing..

The problem is sometimes it opens the game but nothing changed..and sometime when i reopen the game it crashes...

can anyone help please.. :) :) :) :)

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