How can I set in-game timer in Resident Evil 4?

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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How can I set in-game timer in Resident Evil 4?

Post by Arcana1998 »

I do not know it is possible to set in-game timer in Resident Evil 4, not the mercenaries mode since the time values are hard to indicate which ones are accurate. In Resident Evil 5&6, I can find the time value and set it to the way I liked. However, in Resident Evil 4, I have a hard time finding them, and they all were not right. Do you guys have any suggestions about this? If it cannot set the in-game timer, I will not bother then.

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Re: How can I set in-game timer in Resident Evil 4?

Post by Warda »

Hey, I'd have a look through the forum as your question may have already been answered - check the search bar in the top corner. Also, this is not the right category for this type of question just an FYI.

Have you had a look and tried out some of the methods in this post for example?

A lot of games store time in a very similar fashion but not all. If you have tried a number of different ways, it's a good idea to give details of what you have tried as that will give people a good idea where to start.

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