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Sea Of Thieves Possible solution?

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2021 3:12 pm
by shuwbubbies
Hi, I have collected some information about the way that sea of thieves works. I found some information on this forum as well.

Basically, if I am correct, the gold is server sided. But does this also count for the selling of items? Like how many chests I am holding and selling? I was thinking of a way to discover this via cheat engine but couldn't really find any solution. Therefore I am asking for help.

We know it is not possible to cheat in money directly. But what about the way I would normally receive the money in this game? I mean, the game must have some client-sided things. Maybe some of them are located around selling items? For example, the chest I am holding, If I am holding a chest, What chest I am holding, The value of the chest or even something like changing a value 1 (from current items in hand (like if you have a treasure chest, you will have multiple items in it (maybe it gives a different number then when you're just holding a hollow, single chest?))), to a value which might even make the game think I am holding more than 1 item. I am just giving some ideas about what (for me) is still not really clear. I have tried telling the game that I am holding a chest in my hand but... couldn't really manage to do it.

Could you guys help me with these things listed above? If some of them aren't possible, please tell me. For the ones that are possible, it would be amazing if you could give any specific guide on how to discover the addresses of these values in-game and on how to change them.

I hope I brought some new information or questions that might make this ball rolling again...

Re: Sea Of Thieves Possible solution?

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2021 7:18 pm
by GreenHouse
You're in the wrong forum to ask about cheating in an online-only game. It's not allowed, so you won't get any answers.