Vermintide 2 Mod Spoofing

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Stygian Silver
What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Vermintide 2 Mod Spoofing

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I've been working on this for about four hours so i figure i might as well share what i've learned.

A short summary for those who might not know: Vermintide 2 splits it's mods into two categories, sanctioned and unsanctioned. Sanctioned mods are usually small quality of life or cosmetic changes, and can be used on official servers and whatnot. Non sanctioned mods are pretty much everything else, and can only be used on modded servers, where one cannot obtain xp or loot, making it not rewarding or that fun to play on.

Now in my digging into files, i've learned that vermintide runs mods off of steam/steamapps/workshop/content/552500 and stores your downloaded mods there. Sanctioned mods have a cute little certificate that flags it as allowed to pass through, whereas unsanctioned mods don't.

Now being as tired and inexperienced as I am, I tried a few brute force methods to attempt to load unsanctioned mods into the official realm. All of them ended in crashes, except for one method. I just copied a certificate into an unsanctioned mod, and used notepad++ to change the name of who its issued to. I know, I know, very simplistic and a rather childish solution. But it does allow me to load them while on official servers.

Of course the mod still doesn't work, but it doesn't crash. Just figured I would put this here to tell someone who's smarter than me that it's possible and you can do some fun things with it. Like having healthbars in normal play. Yeah, that's what I spent 4 hours routing around messing with for. Or if you don't care to grind you could install some other mod and actually enjoy the perks of playing vermintide with other people and stuff while not having to grind for 200 hours.

Anyway, this is an open message to people who are actually good at cheating and can get further than I can, I'd really love to see what some of you come up with. Or you could just tell me it's impossible and to go screw myself.

Good luck and good hunting.

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