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Ostranauts (2020 Early Access)

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2020 10:30 am
by OgtheTrog
"Sequel" to the indie cult classic "NEO Scavenger", Ostranauts, is in early access.
And I wanted to cheat in it.
Figured I'd post my findings.

First, I tried scanning for the character 'skillpoints' integer like an idiot. To do this, I told CE to look for a value that increased/decreased a number of points which corresponded to the 'skill point' changes in-game.
This didn't work.

I then looked in the game files, and lo and behold in Steam\steamapps\common\Ostranauts\Ostranauts_Data\StreamingAssets\data there lives "traitscores.json", "lifeevents.json", "loot.json", and "interactions.json".
Modding these 4 .jsons with a text-editor of your choice (np++ here) will grant you any wish you desire.
And you can tweak appearances in StreamingAssets\images! The more you know!
Looked around for a way to add *new* hairstyles but it wasn't readily apparent...
I would have made Guile hair.

Hope this helps someone at some point in time.