AC Odyssey's draw distance. [HELP]

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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AC Odyssey's draw distance. [HELP]

Post by Magastem »

ACOdyssey.ini -
Draw Distance Pics -
Aliasing and grass distance -

The game can look much better than it does but it limits itself most likely to not look too different from the consoles. I wouldn't be surprised if they had higher res textures but aren't an option through the game options, but maybe through the .ini. Most graphics settings require a restart, which makes finding their valuables quite hard.
Does anyone have any clues on how to find these values or increase or find any settings inside the .ini?

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Re: AC Odyssey's draw distance. [HELP]

Post by GreenHouse »

Magastem wrote:
Thu Jul 02, 2020 1:32 pm
Most graphics settings require a restart, which makes finding their valuables quite hard.
Probably because those are loaded at the beginning of the game once, like textures, and never again. In terms of, lets say that you choose mid settings, so at the beginning it will load the textures that are for mid settings, not all of them, as it would increase memory use, etc.
And as for the draw distance it probably is an enum, and not an actual value that you can change. So it would be 0=Low 1=Mid 2=High 3=Ultra. And inside the game files is the actual value. If it's possible to change it, then I would maybe do some debugging around the function that sets the setting and try to see if the value is in the stack at any point.

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