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Outer Worlds: Aim Assist (Unreal Engine Question)

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 2:43 pm
by puddin
Hello, this is probably an odd question. For some reason Outer Worlds does not seem to have aim-assist for controllers. This makes it pretty frustrating when you are used to it, as pretty much every game has aim assist now when controllers are enabled. It's not an aimbot of course, but the big help is it: 1) moves the crosshair to the enemy when zooming in, and 2) helps track the enemy if they are moving.

I was wondering if anyone familiar with the unreal engine knows if maybe the feature is built in with UE, and can just be turned on using SunBeam's console?

Thanks! :)

Edit: Ahh! i just googled again and this time magically came across the answer! Sorry for creating this thread, but maybe it can help if someone else is curious. Thanks SunBeam for creating something so magical!

Per SunBeam's instructions on the original console thread, adding the address for EnableAimAssist with the +0x90 offset and changing the 4 byte hex to 0x04020601 allows me to type "EnableAimAssist 1" into the console, and it now loosely tracks the enemies! There are some other aimassist properties and things you can change too. Thanks again!

[00021550] Function Indiana.AimAssistComponent.EnableAimAssist 0x00000232F3281690