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Demonheart Hunters

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 4:47 pm
by BoehserOnkel
Hi there

Here some tricks for this game (i think a table will not come)

so here we go :

you can edit items/weapons etc using notepad++ by editing files in : www->data
for weapon edit search for this ones
those are the stats
first one goes for hp bonus
and so on
example : raze amulet

!!!important by editing weapons/armors : you have to equip that part before editing or you wont be able to do it after editing!!!!

(always make backup of files before editing!!!)

you can also edit (more important for me) www->js->plugins files
they can be opened too with notepad++
like this :
open with notepad++
search for ->
LAMB.Debug.bShowDevTools = false; LAMB.Debug.bGainDebugItem =false;
replace false with true
enjoy some cool stuff like the debug item ;)

will add more if i find more