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[PC] Halo Map Converter Tool

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:37 pm
by Reclaimer Shawn
I made a tool with Cheat Engine to convert Halo Custom Edition maps to Halo Trial Edition maps so they'll be editable with modding tools like Halo Map Tools v3.5. This tool is meant to serve as a replacement for Halo Map Version Converter that is available here:

That tool worked for me once on a Windows Vista laptop and then glitched to where I couldn't use it anymore. Then, I tried to get it on my current computer and the tool kept saying "reeaaallly screwy error." I remembered how the tool had converted maps from using HxD, so I just automated the process through making this tool.
Halo Map
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The tool is basically a glorified hex editor made with Cheat Engine. All it does is change addresses 4-5 to 07 00 or change addresses 4-5 to 61 02 in a file, which is what denotes the version in a Halo map. This makes it editable with HMT V3.5. Then, you go back into the program after making your edits with HMT and convert it back to work with Halo Custom Edition.