AOB Wildcard Generator (v2)

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AOB Wildcard Generator (v2)

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This is a pretty basic tool that just adds a menu item in the disassembler view. It will prompt you for the minimum # of instructions, how many iterations you want it to run for and what type of wildcard you want to use. Then it grabs the first byte of each instruction and fills the rest with wildcards and does a check if that AOB is unique. For now it is super primitive and doesn't check what type of instruction it is but I will be incrementally updating this with some more logic in the future. As it is right now, it should be really convenient for a quick and dirty AOB generator that is relatively update proof. I will also try to add some logic determining whether it is within a region for mono applications since you can specify function start and end points.

Feel free to let me know if it doesn't work in a situation but if you do, please provide me with a .txt file of the bytes and opcodes so I can see what broke it.

To install just extract and place 'generateAOBMenu.lua' in the autorun folder for CE.

Update (v2): Modified the search region to only be the module in which the current address is in so you can do aobscanmodule(). Also generalized it so that there are defaults and you have the ability to include spaces or not.
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