CE GUI Framework

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CE GUI Framework

Post by Paul44 »

This framework allows you to easily add following features to your table:
* Compact versus Developer View
* Launch the game directly from your CE table
* Disable any scripts and locked values instantly
* Show the currently loaded CT table name
* Configure the CT table to your likings (incl auto-attaching)

I have been working on this tutorial document on and off for the past month or so; and finally got happy with this first "release": see here [ [Link] ].

This document explains in detail how to add abovementioned features to your table, with minimum effort. In fact, I'm using this template - and the way to implement it - myself for quite some months now. While this template obviously/primarily offers a feature-set to my likings, this is - and remains - a work in progress. I'm sure more features will be added as I go; and how table authors respond of course...
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Re: CE GUI Framework

Post by paul44frf »

* text-document explaining the [Tools] menu in detail: [ [Link] ]

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