Toolbox AOB Dumper V1.1 - Array Of Byte Scanner

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Toolbox AOB Dumper V1.1 - Array Of Byte Scanner

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Welcome to Toolbox AOB Dumper!

This tool allows you to organize and scan for many AOB's at a time and dump there result
addresses in a nice neat system, also with the ability to save and load your lists at any time.

This tool is not designed to be the fastest or best scanner, my main goal was to try and create
a user friendly interface, it's not perfect but it's a good start to maybe add to on future versions.

Toolbox AOB Dumper is built upon an open source module Memory.dll which can be found on
GitHub, I use the AOB scan function and some others from this module and take no credit for
these functions.

Currently there is next to no format checking, so if you receive any errors double check you have
filled in the data boxs with the correct format before reporting errors.

There are many options to customize so check the Settings page before starting...

New In 1.1:
-Crash Fix

-Mass AOB Scanning
-Load And Save AOB Lists
-Target Modules Per AOB
-Set Start & End Region Per AOB
-Customizable GUI
-Customizable Default Values


-Scanning without targeting a module or setting a start and end region can be extremely slow on
some larger games or when scanning certain memory areas of some games.
-Sometimes scanning can simply fail on specific games due to some issues with Memory.dll
this should not happen to often though please let me know
-There currently is basically no checks for incorrect formatting, so please double check you
have filled in your scan list correctly, spaces on the end of AOB's spaces in start end regions
and so on.
-This tool is geared towards 64bit games but you can use it on 32bit games but you may
get mixed results
-This is my first release expect bugs

-zqq (helping some random
guy on Discord with save/load
system. Thanks man!)
-NeWaGe (Memory.dll)
-New Age Software (Memory.dll)
-BIGDummyHead (helping with some
hex conversions)

Would you like to donate and support my work?

My full Halo MCC scan list over 180 scans...


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