Basic UE4 Win64 Base Table

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Basic UE4 Win64 Base Table

Post by Cake-san »

Made this table for learning purpose and to ease the making of cheat table for UE4 Win64 based game...

Prerequisite: Basic Lua programming knowledge & OOP data structure knowledge & Table making knowledge...

- Create structure dissect from UE4 class object
- Basic UE4 Object Dumper
- Example scripts & pointers


run dissect code & wait until finished then you can search for Referenced strings
you can also Save DissectCode after it had finished so, you can Load it when you want to use it again...

- StaticFindObject aob not found... - search for "Illegal call to StaticFindObject()" (without the quote)

- UObjectArray aob not found... - search for "UObject serial numbers overflowed" (without the quote)
Note: most of the time this function(FUObjectArray::AllocateSerialNumber) is being called by FWeakObjectPtr::operator= (which handle static/base address of UObjectArray) but for rare cases, it handle that address by its own...

- GetFullName aob not found... - search for "This platform requires cooked" (without the quote) -error code in range of: 0x572,0x59D,0x20D,0xF2,1CB, 0x715,0x740,0x8A,0x20F,0x13F,1DA(not the smallest nor the biggest, more on middle value,maybe)
Note: A little above the result there's a call & it might be GetFullName function
Note: Inside GetFullName there is a Function FName:AppendString (2nd or 3rd or 4rd call) & inside of that Function contain a function that handle static/base address of FNamePool...

- Game Crashed while activating script - comment out all 'createThread(ue4createstruct' , then you have to find out if all function & parent/child offset is valid...

Note: Example script will only work if game use generic variable else you have to make your own script...

-CheatingMuppet - Satisfactory table & UE4 insight
-happyTugs - GNames & GObject Dumper for UE3 table
-Corrm - Unreal Finder Tool
-Fearless & CE forum , Tool Creators & Communities

Update 1
-Fix AOB part for ue4.18 & ue4.25
Update 2
-Add more AOB for ue4.25
-ue4.25 dumping also include property inside Function

Update 2
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