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Re: Humble Bundle Game Giveaway

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matrix501 wrote:
Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:23 pm
Thank you for the reply yes i read the OP a few months ago i just wanted to request a game i saw on steam that he has i didnt think there would be any that i like until i clicked on it
I believe you have to request game through PM.
I'll pay you back in kind do you like StarWars Battle Front 2???? It's being given away on epicgames tommorow Right now today is the last day for crying sun .
I posted that a few days ago already. :D

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Re: Humble Bundle Game Giveaway

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yeah i use a VPN to always show i'm in the UK i'm actually in new york usa but seems the website somehow knows im in the usa it wont give me the game for free it's ok i've found most sites seem to give away the same games for free it's just a matter of timing! Little nightmares looks like a good little game for now i have so many others to try.But i just wanted to say thanks! I hope the epic games link worked out for you! Take care!


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