How I feel about FearlessRevolution app

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Re: How I feel about FearlessRevolution app

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radreck wrote:
Wed Feb 09, 2022 4:50 am
Just to clarify, the app is closed to anymore people. Only I and few early supporters are using it. So some of your post is misleading.

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Re: How I feel about FearlessRevolution app

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SunBeam wrote:
Wed Feb 02, 2022 9:34 pm

I honestly miss sheep. Wherever you are: I get you now, man.
I remember Sheep. Made trainers for Fairlight a long time ago.. Then changed his name to Starlight and made cheats (or helped program the system) for Xbox (easy trainer maker ETM files for xbox evolutionX dashboard). Was with Xored as Starlight:

I remember cause he had chatted with me on IRC as sheep back then about his work with Xored. He had helped me in IRC years before that to make a cheat using Artmoney or something for Europa 1400:The Guild in exchange for a Divx release of some movie I had when he was sheep and remembered me.. Wild.. Man, that guy would FLAME people when he got pissed :P Damn that was a long time ago..

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Re: How I feel about FearlessRevolution app

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I wouldn't mind using the app, but I find the lack of being able to click to enable/disable things really annoying. It was one of the main reasons why I preferred tables over trainers in the first place. Might as well drop it and use trainers instead by this point.

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Re: How I feel about FearlessRevolution app

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Yes it does have some lacking features. I dunno what it is i quite cant put a finger on it. But its a good start though hope itll be developed more with cooperations from gaming community.


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